YAY for Rainbows and Spreading Hope!



PS:  Now might be a good time to paint kindness rocks in rainbow colors too.  They would be perfect to scatter on walks and hikes.



How Can Kids Be Spreading Kindness During Hard Times

How Can Kids Be Spreading Kindness During Hard Times

How Can Kids Be Spreading Kindness During Hard Times?  This question comes up so often.  I have gathered up some of the ideas from around my blog and broken them into two categories.  If you have additional ideas for me to add, comment and share!

Teaching Kids Kindness While Social Distancing


During times where we are practicing social distancing and

Chalk The Walk

Create chalk art on the sidewalks near your home.  Include cheerful, bright designs and messages.  It might even be fun to add a little obstacle course elements like dots for stepping on or lines to jump over.

Create Coloring Sheets for Friends

Draw or doodle a coloring sheet.  Scan it and send it via email to friends.  You can get this one in my FREE Printable Library HERE.

Lets Stay Home Coloring Printable

Connect with a Grandparent

Practice reading to a grandparent or loved one over Facetime or Skype. The person on the other end with be so incredibly grateful.

Start a Rainbow Hunt in Your Town

Create a rainbow and hang it in your window, on your door or in the yard.  People out walking or passing by can be on the lookout for all of the different handmade rainbows.

Rainbow Hunt Ideas and Projects

Get a Box of Donations Together

Clean out those clothes stashes, toys and outgrown items.  Put them in a box to donate when the time is right.  Maybe even decorate the box.

Make a Hotel for Stuffed Animals

Use a large cardboard box and turn it in to a home for stuffed animals.  This creates a way for kids to be responsible for making a safe space for the little fuzzy guys they love so much.

Make a Virtual Talent Show

Video your kid doing something they love.  Have friends to the same.  Collect the videos and put them in to one “show” to share with all who participated.  Have all the kiddos watch it at the same time (from their own homes) while enjoying fun snacks and laughter.

Plant Something

It is a great time to plant those seeds that you might still have in packets.  Plant them in something that can be transferred to the garden or given to someone once they grow.  It might be fun to decorate a flower pot or container first too.

Set the Table Super Special

Make place cards and dinner decorations for your family.  Matbe even choose a them that goes with the meal.  Taco night is always a sure thing.  Baked potato bars are easy and fun too. This printable is fun way to decorate.

Here are some fun party printables that are FREE and could be used for this.

FREE Printables for Creating Kindness Gifts

Use these to give as stand alone cards OR to add to little gifties that can be easily send in the mail.  You can dowload the FREE printable HERE in the original post that shares the ideas.

Happy Mail Gift Tags Free Printable Cards

Learn To Sew and Make Some Stuffed Animals to Give

While it might not be a good time to give tangible items now, the time will come again.  Whether make to donate or give as holiday gifts, sewing takes time that might be available now.  I have LOTS of free patterns that you can use HERE.

Free Patterns for Crafting Laura Kelly Printable Library

Kindness Ideas for Kids In Normal Times

When social distancing is not in play, here are some other fun ways kids can practice kindness.

Paint Kindness Rocks

Paint on rocks and scatter them around town.

Make KIND Cards

Create cards and send them to friends and family.  It would even be fun to send them to retirement homes and hospitals.

Be Kind Handmade Card

Make Pockets for Walkers to Donate

Retirement communities love to get these.  The residents have such fun receiving items like this made by kids.  Here is a tutorial on how to make them.

Create Blankets for the Animal Shelter

Many animal shelters put a new fleece blanky with pets when they arrive.  These blankies stay with them and go with them to their new homes.  My Girl Scout troop loved this activity.

Make Kindness Favors

Create little goodies in jars and take them to neighbors, teachers and the local firemen.

Make Kindness Flowers with Clay

Get the printable tag and directions to make these flowers HERE.

There are so many ways kids can practice giving, service and kindness.  Comment and share your ideas.

Cheers and Love,

Tips for Kids and Journaling

Tips for Kids and Journaling

It has been proven that kids and journaling can support growth in many ways.  Journaling is a way to express thoughts and feelings, share ideas and memories and even self-reflect.  There are lots of different types of journaling but this post is specifically focusing on kids and journaling ideas that work.

Kids and Journaling Ideas and tIPS

Why Should Kids Journal?

Writing experiences and facts doesn’t necessarily lead to growth.  It is more like keeping a diary.  Journaling, on the other side, can be viewed as tool that creates a way to reflect and grow.

According to many mental health professionals, journaling is one of the highest recommended tools for kids to express their thoughts and feelings, create a clearer mind and a possibly even a happier life.

Additionally, journaling helps kids of many ages to be able to go back and see their growth as they move through stages of development and life.

What are some ways kids can journal?

  • Share feelings in words or pictures.
  • Write thoughts and ideas. (Here is a list of suggestions!)
  • Make up stories.
  • Make lists.
  • Draw pictures and use watercolors.
  • Doodle, color and paint.  Art journaling works!
  • Write a letter to yourself.
  • Share goals and dreams.

Tips for Kids and Journaling

Make It Fun

  • Create a space that opens up the idea that journaling is fun.  Offer a variety of notebooks, journals, papers and surfaces.  It would even be awesome to have a little corner somewhere in your home where you could add materials and ideas.  A little bulletin board where you can pin quotes and photos would be PERFECT in this space.  Put on music during journaling time.

Be A Good Role Model

  • Journal yourself.  The strongest way to influence children is by example.  Set a time for family journaling.  Participate!

Let It Be Private

  • Privacy is so important for kids.  Unless you are seriously worried about what your children are writing/drawing/sharing in their journaling; stay out of it.  Of course if they want to share and come to you, offer open arms and zero judgment.

Get New Writing Utensils

  • This is the time to stock up on fun pens, markers, paints, crayons and the such.  There are TONS of them out there but to be 100% transparent, I love the writing tools from ooly, especially the scented gel pens.

Making Handmade Journals

I have shared lots of ideas for making journals on the blog.  Here is one of my favorite ideas.  Cut from magazines then cover journals with words and pictures that are inspiring, empowering or interesting. The Paper Works Sketchbook from ooly is awesome because it has FOUR different kinds of paper in it AND a super hard cover for customizing.

For a list of writing prompts, check out the resources in my FREE Printable Library.  If you are looking specifically for Self Esteem building ideas, this post for I Am Journals might be helpful.

20 Kid Journaling Ideas

Need some journal prompt ideas?  Here is a fun list.

  1. Write about a time that was really super fun.
  2. Write a story using 5 words that someone else give you. (Like turtle, space, freezing, stamp and motorcycle)
  3. What is your favorite holiday and why?
  4. Make up and write about your own summer camp.
  5. Write about a new invention for traveling.
  6. Make up funny recipes.
  7. Make lists of random things like colors, animals, cities, etc.
  8. Write about someone you admire and explain why.
  9. If there is life on other planets, what is it like?
  10. How would your friends describe you? How do you describe yourself?
  11. Would you rather have a star or an island named after you?  Why?
  12. What animals are you most like? What about your friends?
  13. Write about something that you believe in very strongly.
  14. Which character from your favorite TV show are you the most like?
  15. If you were going to a desert island, who would you take and why?
  16. Is it hard to keep old friends and new friends at the same time?
  17. Would you rather visit the ocean or the mountains? Why?
  18. Write a poem.
  19. If you created a video game, what would it be about?
  20. What is your favorite thing about your family?

YAY for Self Expression, Journaling and Supporting Kids to Grow!


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