A Kid’s CREATIVE Spring Break with Crafts

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A few weeks ago I shared a bunch of fun projects for kids to do over spring break!  I decided to round them all up and share them here with a couple of other suggestions to make the break creative and fun.

I picked things that MOST kids love, from puppies to cherries and yarn to felt.  To hop over to the tutorial posts for these, just click on the photographs and it will take you there.

Let’s start with a puppy dog craft.  This project was sponsored by Kunin Group felt and I love it.

If you want to print a fun springtime activity pack that goes with carrots, you can grab it HERE.

Next up is an assortment of yarn crafts.  A huge thanks to i Love to Create for sponsoring with supplies!

These yummy treats with maraschino cherries are fun to make and delicious.   Thank you to Cherry Man for sponsoring this activity.

How about garden projects that include painting!  Thank you Plaid Crafts for sponsoring this project and sending beautiful colors of Apple Barrel acrylic paints.

A week of crafting would not be complete without Sculpey’s Bake Shop clay.  These bookmarks are super fun to create.  Thanks Sculpey!

You can also make things for the garden with clay!

This blog is filled with ways to create with kids so look around and who knows…you might find 50 more things that you want to create.

Cheers to Crafting and Getting Creative with KIDS,





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