Air Dry Clay Monster Kid Craft

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Create a monster from air-dry clay as a wonderful kid craft idea.

Monsters are a great tool for kids to learn about so many things including emotions, facing fears and story telling. One of my favorite books for kids is The Color Monster. I used the monster in the book for inspiration while making this project.

Sculpey air dry clay is so easy to work with, it dries without an oven, and you can use it to make everything from handmade jewelry and home decor to pinch pots and knick knacks. Air dry clay is an easy craft that kids and tweens can do successfully.

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Sculpey Air-Dry Clay (1/4 of a 2.2 lb block per monster)
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Clay Tools
  • Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes


Start by prepping each work station if more than one person will be doing this project at a time. Each monster will need 1/4 of a block of the air dry clay, broken into two pieces.

Place these is a Ziploc bag to keep from drying out before beginning. Each station should also have a work surface (cardboard is great), some water and paper towels.

Step One

For one of the pieces of clay (1/8 of the original 2.2 pound block) into the body of the monster. To do this, simply use your hands to push and press and roll and sculpt. If desired, use clay tools. To make a surface smooth, press over it with wet fingers or brush with a wet paintbrush.

Another option is to ball up some tinfoil and then roll the clay flat and use it to cover the foil. This will make a lighter monster that dries faster but is a little harder for younger hands.

Step Two

Use the second piece of clay from the bag to sculpt arms, legs, ears, eyes, etc. To attach them, make sure the clay is wet and pressed together firmly.

Step Three

Let the monster dry COMPLETELY. I recommend a 72 hour dry time for the solid monsters to ensure that they are totally dry. Smaller and flatter air dry clay projects sometimes are ready in 24 hours but for these, air on the side of caution

Step Four

Use acrylic paints and color the monsters. Create a palette of colors to use and get started.

Based on the book, The Color Monster, this guy is filled with all of the emotions.

If adding black for details, wait until all of the other paint is dry.

This yellow monster is HAPPY!

I want to make a green one next because the green monster is calm and sometimes that is what I need most.

Step Five

Once the paint is dry, an option step is to put a glossy sealant over the paint. Another option is to add details with a paint marker. Be sure to sign your masterpiece.

Tips for Air-Dry Clay Crafts with Kids

Here are some of the top tips for being successful with kids using air-dry clay.

  • Use small pieces of clay at a time, providing an air tight bag for the unused.
  • Keep water and paper towels handy for moistening clay while working.
  • Allow a variety of tools to be used always including a roller.
  • Use tinfoil in the centers of larger masterpieces.
  • Allow EXTRA drying time to ensure painting success.
  • Make it fun. There is no such thing as an ugly monster.

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