Laura Kelly Art Licensing

Laura Kelly’s portfolio of licensed art collections has been used on hundreds of fabulous products. Her art has a whimsical child-like feel with a sophisticated style. Laura is a talented doodle artist who also has a knack for watercolor and painting alike. Her work creates feelings of cheerfulness, wonder, happiness and joy. If you want more information about licensing her designs, she is always open to new ideas and adventures.


Harland Clarke
Bank Checks, Personalized Labels and Stamps

Kindness Book Collection and Stickers

LeapYear Publishing
Calendars, Coloring Books and Stationery Products

Clear Stamps and Paper Crafting Products

Empowerment Buttons that SNAP

Die Cut Designs

Froggy’s Lair
Aquarium Cling Decorations

Best Ways to Repurpose a Magazine Catalog

There are so many ways to repurpose a catalog or a magazine and create darling upcycled projects. I love a good recycled project. Here are three of my favorite ways to use catalogs and magazines in darling crafty ways to create inspiring projects for kids and adults. All three of these are great for doing at home, in the classroom or as a party project (even as in in store…

DIY Glass Magnets from Recycled Magazines and Catalogs

Use catalogs and magazines to create these darling DIY glass magnets. This is a great way to repurpose and use recycled magazines and catalogs to make fantastic magnets. Magnets are a great way to decorate your fridge and all metal surfaces in your home, office and classroom. The absolute bonus is that they are useful for hanging important and inspiring documents/photos too! Materials an Supplies Needed Directions to Make Glass…

Best Adhesives for Handmade Christmas Cards

Create darling Christmas cards with a few of my favorite paper craft adhesives from Therm-O-Web. There is something really special about a handmade card. Personally, I have been making handmade cards for my husband since we met. He cherishes them and saves them all in a box on the dresser. DIY paper crafted cards can be simple or totally over-the-top extravagant. Regardless of how detailed you want a handmade card…

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Garland

Create a darling decorative garland for any of the Hogwarts houses! I LOVE this Sizzix Big Shot because it is so portable. I can take it with me on the GO! This project was done on vacay in Orlando during a visit to the Wizarding World of Universal Studios. Being that I am a proud Hufflepuff, of course this one is made with the colors of my house (gold and…

Hufflepuff Iron On Letter T-Shirt

Create a custom letter t-shirt with HeatnBond and your favorite fabric. Materials and Supplies Needed This project requires an iron but note that a heat press would also work great! Directions The first step is to design the shirt. For this one, I wanted an old school style letter t-shirt with a quilted touch. This same project could be done with one large piece of fabric for the letter cut-out…

Rainbow Cloud Scissor Skills Kid Craft

This darling craft is perfect to create for kids working on scissor skills. While this craft has a purpose in teaching the much needed skill of cutting with scissors, it also creates a darling piece of decor once completed. It can be done in a variety of colors and used to add an accent to a classroom or a homework station. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions This project can be…

Super Easy How to Make a Shaker Card

Create and make a darling shaker card in a few easy steps. This frog is my favorite sticker in my Laura Kelly Designs Sticker Collection and I wanted to turn it into a card for someone special. I decided to make a shaker card for the FIRST time using some incredibly awesome supplies from Sizzix. I also used the Sizzix Big Shot Switch in this project to create a super…

Colored Foil for Crafts and Valentines

Learning how to use colored foil for crafts on paper is super easy with the right adhesive and papers to make sparkling cards and Valentines. Creating papers, foils and stamps for Therm-O-Web has been so much fun. While I love to create projects and cards with them, I love it even more when I see what all of you make. Be sure to tag me in your creations on social…

DIY Foiled Gift Tags

Create bright and sparkly foiled gift tags for adorable gift wrapped packages. Creating handmade gift tags is such a fun and expressive way to add a special touch to packages. The many different patterns of toner paper and the colors of foil make it possible to create just about any design. Materials and Supplies Needed Here is a supply list for this paper craft project. I love that my color…

Oh Hello DIY Foil Cards with Stamps

Create darling handmade greeting cards with beautiful foil colors and stamped sentiments. Every time I make handmade cards, I am so inspired to connect with people that I love – whether sending a handwritten message through the mail or attaching it to a gift. Adding the sparkle of foil and the adorable images that can be created with stamping makes a handmade card so very special. I can’t wait to…

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