Best Ever Recycled Craft Projects

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Best Ever Recycled Craft Projects

I am so excited to share the best ever recycled craft projects.  Many of these were made by me and lots of them were made by my crafty blogging buddies.  I love taking things that might be considered trash and turning them into useful items, gifts and party decorations.  I sure hope you find some recycled craft projects here that inspire you to make!

Over 50 Recycled Craft Projects

 Recycled Projects with Denim Jeans

Whether the jeans wore out or the human outgrew them, keep them and turn them into something new.  There are so many great ideas here for you.


Jar Crafts with Recycled Jars and Bottles

For the love of jars, there are so many things that can be made with them once the contents are used.  Here are some of my best recycled crafts with jars.  Furthermore, there are TONS of ideas of ways to use jars all over this creative blog.

Recyled Masons Jar For Bathroom Storage

Fun Recycling Crafts to Make With Kids

It is always fabulous to find fun recycling crafts to make with kids and I have lots of ideas here!

Home Decor From Recycled Items

Decorating the home with items that have been repurposed can create a very special feeling.  Similarly, handmade items give a special touch to personal spaces. Here are some great ideas for home decor from recycled items.


Recycled Crafts from Cardboard and Paper

I love using cereal boxes, shipping bags and greeting card to make into new things.

Other Crafts with Recycled Things

In addition to all of the crafts already share — there are so many more ideas of ways to use recycled things.  For instance, bottle caps, burlap and plastic containers can all be used to make masterpieces.

Crafty Chica recycled Bottle Cap Magnets

Team Creative Crafts

My Creative Crafts Team is sharing lots of ideas for recycling items into craft projects and DIYs. Check out these two from Beth and Ann.

Ann used a vintage linen from her grandmother and turned it into this beautiful heart ornament stuffed with Poly-Fil from Fairfield World. I think it is simply gorgeous.

Beth used Poly-Fil to make this awesome upcycled sweatshirt pillow.


Beth created this amazing wreath! I am IN LOVE with it.

Ann created these beautiful recycled flowers.

Have fun making these.  Be sure to share these projects. 

Cheers to recycling, upcycling, re-purposing and making all the things!


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53 thoughts on “Best Ever Recycled Craft Projects”

  1. I love the cute paper tube butterfly! I made poinsettia ornaments one year from the tubes and they were really pretty! I also love the Letter Scroll Art from Magazines… awesome project!

  2. My kids love finding old shirts or pieces of scrap fabrics and sewing up stuff for their Dolla, teddies, etc. They have so much fun expressing their creativity through different crafts. I like to fix up old pillows and blankets, either to repurpose as something different or because there’s a rip or less filling, haha.

  3. Have about a dozen pairs of jeans I need to recycle or donate so I’m going to do the garland – will be great out on the patio and some throw pillows.

  4. I have quite the collection of denim. I think I’ll make the recycled denim pockets for classroom first! Then perhaps the aprons for my great granddaughters.

  5. I have been wanting to make something like the Super Cute Bathroom Storage with Recycled Jars by Makeable Crafts

  6. I just broke down 11 pairs of old jeans, so whatever my next project is, it will be denim!

  7. So many fun ideas and
    I would make the Super
    Cute Bathroom Storage
    with Recycled Jars by
    Makeable Crafts.
    Carla from Utah

  8. I just love recycling, upcycling, re-purposing and making all the things, my problem is coming up with the ideas and you solved that. Thank you!!!

  9. I actually just saw this woman on Instagram making pillows out of old jeans and sweaters and I thought that was soooooo cool! I see that you have using jeans in crafts listed, too!

  10. I would love to try the JAR CRAFTS WITH RECYCLED JARS AND BOTTLES since I have so many jars in my home to use.

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