Best Guide to Painting Rocks for Kids

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Best Guide to Painting Rocks

This is one of my favorite craft projects. I love that it can be done with kids, adults, seniors and all the people. It is fun to do alone and super fun to do while camping, at events and with groups. This is a fabulous Girl Scout craft project for meetings and while in the outdoors. Spreading kindness can be done in so many wonderful ways, one of which is painting rocks and scattering them around for others to find.  This is the best guide to painting rocks that also gives you some tips and tricks of how easy it can be done to create magnificent results.

Check out the story as it is shared on FOX News Denver HERE.

Supplies and Materials:

Steps for Painting Rocks

First and Most important in the Guide to Painting Rocks. Start with clean rocks.  If you need to clean them, make sure they are completely dry before painting.

Painted Rocks Paints

If the desired look is a solid painted rock with a design on top, paint the base coat first.  Let it dry for several hours before taking the next creative step. This is an important step in the guide for painting rocks!

For different shades of the colors, mix white.

Add letter to make words with white.  It pops off the bases better than other colors.

Add designs and details with other colors.  By mixing a little white in with the colors as you go, a different level of coverage happens. These are the designs on the other side of the letters.

Scatter the rocks around your neighborhood or community to create some connection, kindness and joy.  These are super awesome too!  Painting rocks is such a great way to express yourself!

Black Lives Matter Rocks

If you want to create ideas first or want to simply design and color, here are a couple of pages of free rock printables.  You can download them and create away.

Rock Painting Coloring Printable

There are TONS of free printables in my Printable Library.

Other Rock Painting Ideas

To add to the guide to painting rocks, here are some other fun posts with even more ideas for you!

These Harry Potter rocks are some of my favorites.

Harrry Potter Painted Rocks

This article shares some really fun ways to create inspiration.

Which rocks are your favorites. I love the ones with the words and the message ‘Take What You Need’ because let’s face it – we all need something. I would be so thrilled if I came across these and got to choose the one that resonated in my soul on that given day.

Guide To Painting Rocks

Share your painted rocks whether you used this Guide to Painting Rocks or not!  Be sure to tag me on social media @laurakellydesigns so I can check them all out.

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