Boo Bag Tags and Free Halloween Printables

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You’ve been boo’d. Sometimes it is better when we take the treats to others as fun little mystery deliveries.  These Boo Bag Tags and Free Halloween Printables are meant to support you in spreading kindness to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and well…really anybody.  I keep them in my car the week of Halloween and give them out everywhere I go.  Sometimes the stranger parked in the space beside you needs a pick-me-up more than you might know. If you need sprinkles, these are my go-to every time.

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Candy eyes make everything way more fun!

You’ve Been BOO’d Tags

It is so fun to open the door and find a boo box, a boo bag or a boo bucket filled with goodies.  They can have treats, snacks or anything and all in them and they are just so festive. Download the tags free and attach them to all the goodies.

You've Been Boo'd Free Printable Tag

They are so darling when paired with something as easy peasy as sprinkle cookies.

Here are some fun FREE Halloween Printables you can put in the bags too.

Halloween Printable Coloring Activities

Printing tip: If you print the PDF with 4 to a page, you can make them small and create a little book to give to trick-or-treaters.  This is a great alternative to candy for Halloween and works for kiddos with allergies too.

Halloween Printable Mini Activity Pages Book

You’ve Been Boozed Tags

These are fun to attach to adult Halloween boo bags or bottles of wine/liquor. Furthermore, they work great on baskets filled with bar tools and accessories.

You've Been Boozed Free Printable Tag

Also, it is fun to pair this printable up with adult candies too.  Rebecca Ruth makes the best ever bourbon balls!

Additionally, for even more printables that go with ALL the things, holidays, occasions and themes, visit my printable library!

Favorite Coloring Supplies

These are my favorite markers for coloring and making. They are Smooth Hues and I LOVE them! You can get them from Beyond the Blackboard!

YAY for Coloring, Booing and Halloween!



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