Best Adhesives for Handmade Christmas Cards

DIY Handmade Christmas Cards from Scraps

Create darling Christmas cards with a few of my favorite paper craft adhesives from Therm-O-Web. There is something really special about a handmade card. Personally, I have been making handmade cards for my husband since we met. He cherishes them and saves them all in a box on the dresser. DIY paper crafted cards can be simple or totally over-the-top extravagant. Regardless of how detailed you want a handmade card …

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Hufflepuff Iron On Letter T-Shirt

HeatnBond Hufflepuff T Shirts

Create a custom letter t-shirt with HeatnBond and your favorite fabric. Materials and Supplies Needed This project requires an iron but note that a heat press would also work great! Directions The first step is to design the shirt. For this one, I wanted an old school style letter t-shirt with a quilted touch. This same project could be done with one large piece of fabric for the letter cut-out …

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Colored Foil for Crafts and Valentines

Colored Foil for Crafts and Valentine Ideas

Learning how to use colored foil for crafts on paper is super easy with the right adhesive and papers to make sparkling cards and Valentines. Creating papers, foils and stamps for Therm-O-Web has been so much fun. While I love to create projects and cards with them, I love it even more when I see what all of you make. Be sure to tag me in your creations on social …

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DIY Foiled Gift Tags

Create bright and sparkly foiled gift tags for adorable gift wrapped packages. Creating handmade gift tags is such a fun and expressive way to add a special touch to packages. The many different patterns of toner paper and the colors of foil make it possible to create just about any design. Materials and Supplies Needed Here is a supply list for this paper craft project. I love that my color …

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Oh Hello DIY Foil Cards with Stamps

Create darling handmade greeting cards with beautiful foil colors and stamped sentiments. Every time I make handmade cards, I am so inspired to connect with people that I love – whether sending a handwritten message through the mail or attaching it to a gift. Adding the sparkle of foil and the adorable images that can be created with stamping makes a handmade card so very special. I can’t wait to …

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DIY Stickers for Imaginative Play

DIY Stickers Using Clear Stamps Laura Kelly Designs

Help jumpstart a child’s imagination with a set of my Me and My Peeps Therm-O-Web Clear rubber stamps and a Xyron Create-A-Sticker machine! Have you ever noticed how sometimes it takes both children and adults a few minutes to get their imaginations flowing? I’ve found that sometimes a blank sheet of paper and something to color with can be a little intimidating. But creativity and imaginative play are both so …

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How To Use Stamps for Embroidery Pattern

Stick People Family Embroidery

Use the adorable Me and My Peeps clear stamps that I designed for Therm-Web to create darling embroidery patterns and make hand stitched families. The Me and My Peeps clear stamp set is so versatile. While it can be used for traditional card making and paper crafting, there are so many additional ways to put it to good use. This method of using the stamps on acrylic blocks to create …

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Stamped Family Art with Clear Stamps

Stamped Family Art with Clear Stamps and Watercolor Paint

Create darling PERSONALIZED hand stamped family art with clear stamps and watercolor paints! I really LOVE my new collection of craft products from therm-o-web and am excited to share a fun water color painting technique with clear stamps! To create this darling family art ,I used the Me and My Peeps Set! This would be a great way to make stamped family art holiday gifts for friends. Stamps are a …

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Stamped Tissue Paper Kindness Craft Idea

Spreading kindness through the gift of sprinkles in decorative jars is my jam. These stamped tissue paper decorations are perfect and so easy. I have had so much fun using the two stamp sets that I designed for Therm-O-Web. This project is definitely one of my favorites. It is such a joy to spread happy through the giving of little kindness gifts when I am out and about in the …

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Make Your Own Hand Stamped Clothing Labels

Hand Stamped Clothing Labels

Make Your Own Hand Stamped Clothing Labels This is such a great way to add an extra special touch to handmade items with fabric AND also to clothing. Stamping on cotton canvas fabric is easy peasy. Turning those creations in to labels or patches is also super simple and lots of fun too. Using my Kindness on Purpose stamps from Therm-O-Web, I created a bunch of labels to put inside …

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