DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Idea Easy To Make Reindeer

Make your own festive ugly sweater to wear for holiday parties. Every year there are more and more Christmas celebrations that provide opportunities to get out and wear the ugliest sweaters possible. The thing is, lots of them are pretty dang cute. This ugly sweater is super easy to make and is sure to win the contest for the best sweater at the party. Materials and Supplies Needed It is …

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Clay Snowman Necklace

DIY your own holiday jewelry in a few simple steps with polymer clay. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions to Make Clay Charms Step One Soften clay by rolling gently in hands. Roll out using a clay tool. The little plastic tools that come with the Bake Shop sets work perfectly. I like to roll charms to about 1/8 inch in thickness to make them durable. Step Two Cut out a …

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How to Make a DIY Rosemary Wreath

Create a beautiful and fragrant wreath from fresh cut rosemary. This DIY Rosemary Wreath is not only stunning but also smells fabulous. The aroma of fresh cut rosemary Fun fact! Rosemary wreath making dates as far back as 500 B.C. at the time the Greeks and Romans also used the herb for medical needs and and culinary flavor. These hearty evergreen plants are also used for their aromatherapy properties. The …

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Upcycled Jar Snowman Gift and Home Decor

Upcycled Jar Snowman Craft Idea Using Recycled Grocery Store Jars in a Few Easy Steps - Great for Gifts #snowman #jarcraft #diy #recycledcraft

Recycle those jar from the grocery store into darling upcycled jar snowman decor! These DIY upcycled snowman jar gifts are super simple to make and darling to use for giving special treats.  I actually made this batch to sell at a Crafty Open House I am hosting next weekend with a couple of friends but thought I would share for those of you who like to make things yourselves!  I …

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Free Snowman Soup Poem Tags to Print

Snowman Soup Poem Printable Tags Free

Create darling little gifts with a few basic things from the dollar store and these darling snowman soup poem tags. Everything you need to make this can be found at the Dollar Store! Snowman soup makes a great gift when you have a group of people to give to. I love this as one of the best teacher gifts to give to students before the winter break. It is also …

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Easy and Best Snowman Craft Ideas

Snowman crafts are a great way to bring winter cheer into your heart and home. What is better than a happy snowman to warm the coldest of winter days. Snow is basically a free art supply really. With it, one can sculpt and make adorable snowmen of all shapes and sizes. However, if being out in the cold and making real snowmen isn’t your favorite, here are lots of the …

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DIY Foiled Gift Tags

Create bright and sparkly foiled gift tags for adorable gift wrapped packages. Creating handmade gift tags is such a fun and expressive way to add a special touch to packages. The many different patterns of toner paper and the colors of foil make it possible to create just about any design. Materials and Supplies Needed Here is a supply list for this paper craft project. I love that my color …

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Glitter Elf Decor

Create darling elf decor with a dollar store piece and Glitter-It! It is so easy and super fun to turn glass vessels from the Dollar Spot into beautiful holiday decor. I tend to have a POP of pink in all that I do so creatiing a festive elf decor piece to add this year makes me so happy. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions for Using Glitter-It! Using Glitter-It is as …

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Reusable Gift Bags with Stencil Design

Create reusable gift bags with stencils that can be made at home! Materials and Supplies Needed The stencil being made with the Ikonart kit can be used on so many fabulous surfaces. While this tutorial is showing how to use the completed stencil on a canvas bag, note that it can also be used on wood to make signs, fabric to make fashion and many other surfaces. Canvas Tote Bag …

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Polymer Clay Unicorn With Glitter DIY

Polymer Clay Unicorn Ornament Craft

Create a magical unicorn ornament with polymer glitter clay. The new kit from Sculpey is simply magical. It comes with EVERYTHING you need (except the oven of course) to make endless projects with different kinds of polymer clay and tools. The first project I created with the contents of the kit is this darling unicorn ornament because GLITTER is awesome and the holidays are around the corner. Plus, doesn’t everyone …

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