Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is super special because it is also Juliette Low’s Birthday! Use the free printable to celebrate not only what makes every girl (or kiddo) special but also as a way to access creativity. The trefoil can be turned into an adorable pumpkin or cut out and used as a pattern. It is always a great idea to save some cookies from earlier in the year to decorate for the …

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Free Word Search Puzzle Hocus Pocus Crafts

Hocus Pocus Crafts Free Printable Word Search

Create a darling Binx (the Hocus Pocus black cat) from a clay pot! Hocus Pocus is the most fun for family movie night at Halloween time. We love mixing up DIY projects, snacks and handmade decor around here so all love the Hocus Pocus Crafts. Binx is the black cat with the full name of Thackery Binx. He was once human, before he was turned into an immortal black cat, …

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Who Is Billy Butcherson Hocus Pocus Crafts

Hocus Pocus Dollar Store Craft Billy Butcherson

Create a darling Dollar Store craft stick project themed for who is Billy Butcherson In the movie, Hocus Pocus, William “Billy” Butcherson is a dead guy brought back to life (as a zombie) by witch Winifred to retrieve her spell book. He is a false antagonist and quite hysterical. Winifred (one of the three Sanderson sisters) poisoned him hundred of years prior to the setting for cheating on her with …

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Felt Sanderson Sisters Hocus Pocus Crafts

Hocus Pocus Crafts Sanderson Sisters Free PDF Pattern

This free pattern collection works perfect with felt, fabric and paper! Create the favorite three witches using whatever craft medium you love the most. This pattern is perfect for cutting out fabric, felt and paper. It could also be used as a template for painting, coloring and drawing! This felt project is made with my favorite felt from Kunin. It cuts so easily and never frays so is perfect for …

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Hocus Pocus Crafts and Printable Pattern

Hocus Pocus Crafts with DIY Stencil Ikonart

Create this darling cauldron to decorate in Hocus Pocus style! The movie is so timeless, funny and entertaining for the whole family. This adorable cauldron is the perfect way to create a container that can hold candy, flowers and all the fun Halloween things. Making custom stencils is such a fantastic way to get the exact desired look for projects. This one is hand drawn so really personal. Anytime handwriting …

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DIY Stickers for Imaginative Play

DIY Stickers Using Clear Stamps Laura Kelly Designs

Help jumpstart a child’s imagination with a set of my Me and My Peeps Therm-O-Web Clear rubber stamps and a Xyron Create-A-Sticker machine! Have you ever noticed how sometimes it takes both children and adults a few minutes to get their imaginations flowing? I’ve found that sometimes a blank sheet of paper and something to color with can be a little intimidating. But creativity and imaginative play are both so …

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Best Pumpkin Crafts

These darling crafts are the perfect way to decorate and celebrate autumn, fall and the Halloween seasons. I LOVE pumpkins for so many reasons. The color combination of green and orange is definitely one of my all time favorites. (For the record, this is partially why I love carrots so much too.) There are crafty projects here for kids of all ages, toddlers to adults. Making things for the fall …

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Fall Wreath DIY with Pom Pom Pumpkins

Pom Pom Pumpkins Wreath

Whip up a few pom pom pumpkins and make an adorable wreath! I love all things yarn and this little diy wreath project does not disappoint. The special little tool from Red Heart Yarn takes all of the challenges out of making perfect and darling pom-poms. It allows them to be made in different sizes and OF COURSE – all of the colors. Red Heart has tons of amazing yarns …

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Dollar Store Clothespin Pumpkin Wreath Decor

DIY Clothespin Pumpkin Wreath

Create a darling fall pumpkin themed wreath with clothespins from the dollar store! Making handmade decorations for the seasons is always such a great idea, especially ones like this Clothespin Pumpkin Wreath Decor. This darling (and super inexpensive) wreath project does not disappoint. It is super simple and fun to make using items that you might have around the house or can easily pick up at the dollar store near …

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