Hufflepuff Iron On Letter T-Shirt

HeatnBond Hufflepuff T Shirts

Create a custom letter t-shirt with HeatnBond and your favorite fabric. Materials and Supplies Needed This project requires an iron but note that a heat press would also work great! Directions The first step is to design the shirt. For this one, I wanted an old school style letter t-shirt with a quilted touch. This same project could be done with one large piece of fabric for the letter cut-out …

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DIY Embroidery Patch Ideas for Denim Jackets

Create Handmade Denim Embroidery Patches in a few easy steps. I love the whole idea of giving my old jeans a new life. Literally, I wear my favorite denims until they are falling apart and have holes all over. This super fun tutorial will show you how to give them another go round in the form of adorable and creative embroidered art. Patches are always a great way to add …

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Best Tie Dye Ideas for Fabric and Other Materials

Great Tie Dye Ideas

Best Tie Dye Ideas for Fabric and Other Materials There are so many ways to add color to all the things using dyeing techniques with fabric, paper and even edible goodies. Creating masterpieces of art and customized fashion with the awesome tie dye kits that are easily available is so much fun. Did you know there are lots of other ways to make things colorful and creatively designed with tie …

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