How to Make Clay Wind Chimes

Mushroom Clay Wind Chime DIY

Everything you need to know to make clay wind chimes in any shape. I love mushrooms so decided to make my first DIY wind chime by molding the pieces of them out of Original Sculpey clay. I love working with clay because it offers endless opportunity for creativity and customized pieces. The white Original Sculpey is perfect for this project because it is soft and easy to mold then once …

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Strawberry Pattern for Fabric and Paper Crafts

Craft Pattern Free Printable Strawberry

Use this free pattern to make darling strawberry themed craft projects. This pattern can be downloaded (below) and used as actual size OR resized for smaller or bigger strawberries. The pattern works great for felt, fabric and paper – as well as so many other surfaces. It can be traced onto anything and then painted too. Supplies Needed for Felt Crafts These are my favorite supplies for crafting with felt! …

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How to Make Teacher Appreciation Posters

Teacher Appreciation Poster DIY

Teacher Appreciation Posters made with Kwik Stix are a great way to show gratitude and spread love. These posters and BRIGHT happy teacher appreciation gifts are just in time for that special week that happens once a year.  You know, the week when kiddos bring in things for their teachers to show them how loved they are.  I taught school AND I have four kiddos so I get this celebration …

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Felt On Wood Sunshine Wall Decor

Felt on Wood Sunshine Decor Craft Easy To Make Target Blank #felt #sunshine #craft #homedecor

Adding felt to a wood wall hanging is a great way to create stylish home decor. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions Start by painting the base of the wooden shape, If there are parts that will eventually be covered with felt, they do not need to be painted. Next, create a pattern for the parts that are to be covered by pressing a piece of paper down over the grooves …

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Liquid Polymer Clay Earrings with Sprinkles

Clay Earrings with Sprinkles Liquid

Make adorable handmade earrings with liquid clay from Sculpey. These earrings can be made in a few basic (but not completely simple) steps. Working with liquid clay is fascinating and fun but does require patience and practice. Every time I make something new using Liquid Sculpey, I get a little bit better at the art of it all. These earrings are a favorite for sure. Materials and Supplies Step One …

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Daisy Craft Glue Resist Gift Tags

Papercraft Glue Resist Daisy Gift Tags

Creating tags to add to simple bags is such a great way to create a festive and fun gift! These glue resist gift tags are perfect for crafters of ALL ages to make. The trick to to this project is allowing the time for the Ultra Bond Adhesive to dry (CLEAR). It requires several hours so if you are doing this with a group of kids or at a retreat …

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Popsicle Stick Narwhal Kid Craft

Easy DIY Craft Stick Narwhal

Make a darling narwhal with crafts sticks from the Dollar Tree! Kids love sea creatures and the narwhal (unicorn of the sea) never disappoints. This little craft project is FUN one for kids of all ages to do when celebrating a good book or just having fun. It would make a great party craft or a fun center in the classroom. It is versatile and can be adapted easily to …

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Clay Wrapped Jar Decor

Polymer clay wraps are a trendy and fun way to up your home decor game. I love this because it creates the opportunity to color match for home decor with texture and style. Using some of these new colors from Sculpey molded the perfect piece for springtime in my studio. The jar is perfect for holding flowers, art supplies and even utensils. I am going to use it for the …

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Rainbow Watercolor Glue Resist

Watercolor Rainbow Glue Resist Kid Art Project

Create colorful rainbow fun with this fantastic glue resist watercolor kid craft. Glue resist crafts are so much fun because of the way the watercolor paints react to the dried material. Whether mixing colors or keeping them separate, this art activity is bound to be fun for kids of all ages – young to old. Materials and Supplies Needed for Glue Resist Watercolor Directions NOTE – Step One has to …

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DIY Clay Carrot Keyring

Make You Own Carrot Jewelry

Create darling marbled clay keyrings and jewlrey pieces in any shape with Sculpey Bake Shop clay and a mini cutter. I love all things carrots so OF COURSE need to have a key ring in my fave shape and colors for the spring season. They are super easy to make and go with all of the festive spring fashion pieces. Supplies and Materials Directions Start by setting up your work …

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