Glitter Mason Jar Pencil Decor

Glitter Jar Pencil Decor DIY

Create sparkling decor for an awesome teacher appreciation gift. Creating sparking and dazzling decor is so fun and easy with Glitter-It. I love it for creating pieces all year round to celebrate occasions, holidays and TEACHERS! Materials and Supplies Needed Directions for Using Glitter-It! Using Glitter-It is as easy as 1-2-3. I have found that it works the very best when being applied to clean, dry glass with chunky glitter! …

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How to Make Teacher Appreciation Posters

Teacher Appreciation Poster DIY

Teacher Appreciation Posters made with Kwik Stix are a great way to show gratitude and spread love. These posters and BRIGHT happy teacher appreciation gifts are just in time for that special week that happens once a year.  You know, the week when kiddos bring in things for their teachers to show them how loved they are.  I taught school AND I have four kiddos so I get this celebration …

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Rainbow Watercolor Glue Resist

Watercolor Rainbow Glue Resist Kid Art Project

Create colorful rainbow fun with this fantastic glue resist watercolor kid craft. Glue resist crafts are so much fun because of the way the watercolor paints react to the dried material. Whether mixing colors or keeping them separate, this art activity is bound to be fun for kids of all ages – young to old. Materials and Supplies Needed for Glue Resist Watercolor Directions NOTE – Step One has to …

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Air Dry Clay Monster Kid Craft

The Color Monster Craft Air Dry Clay

Create a monster from air-dry clay as a wonderful kid craft idea. Monsters are a great tool for kids to learn about so many things including emotions, facing fears and story telling. One of my favorite books for kids is The Color Monster. I used the monster in the book for inspiration while making this project. Sculpey air dry clay is so easy to work with, it dries without an …

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Make Your Own Worry Pets

DIY Make Your Own Worry Pets at Home

These easy to sew worry pets are a great anxiety buster for kids. Lots of kids (of all ages and grades) tend to struggle with worries or anxiety, especially with the beginning of a new school year. These darling Worry Pet Plushies are little enough to fit in a pocket or the desk. The insides are stuffed with poly-pellets which will provide comforting sensory input. They ease anxiety when rubbing …

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DIY Dinosaur Eggs Best Science Activities for Kids


Kids love a good adventure and digging into these eggs to find dinosaurs gives them just that. The eggs were much easier to make then I ever anticipated. I am thinking of all of the fun things that can be “hidden” inside. For this project I used dinos that I made myself from FastCast Resin.  I will share those details with you later in this post. But to get started, …

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Free Printable Felt Popsicle Pattern and Word Search Puzzle

Create darling felt popsicles with the free pattern that can be used for decor or simply to play with! Making projects with felt is the best for so many reasons. There are tons of great, bright and happy colors from Kunin Felt to choose from so finding the right one is never a problem. Cutting felt is fabulous because it never frays. Sewing felt is my favorite because embroidery needles …

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Resin Crafts Dinosaur Toys for DIY Math Manipulatives

Resin Crafts DIY Math Manipulatives Dinosaurs

Resin Crafts Dinosaur Toys for DIY Math Manipulatives Kids love dinosaurs and we all know that learning and playing is most fun when done with things we love. These resin dinosaur toys are super easy to make and can be totally customized with paints and permanent markers. If you really want to get fancy, sparkles and glitter can even be added. I made a double batch (meaning I filled the …

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