How to Make Teacher Appreciation Posters

Teacher Appreciation Poster DIY

Teacher Appreciation Posters made with Kwik Stix are a great way to show gratitude and spread love. If you are here to enter the giveaway, scroll down and get your entry in! Good LUCK! And now for the amazing poster project… These posters and BRIGHT happy teacher appreciation gifts are just in time for that special week that happens once a year.  You know, the week when kiddos bring in …

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Easy No Bake Alligator Cookies

Crocodile Alligator Cookies with Nutter Butters

These adorable and delicious cookies are perfect for all things themed with gators and crocodiles from zoos and wildlife to pirate party snacks. Nutter Butters are such fun cookies, shaped like nuts. With a little imagination and creativity, that shape easily translates to a gator! Whether you choose to use green frosting or candy melts, these are sure to be a welcomed snack at your next party. NOTE that these …

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Back to School Printables Free to Download


It is great to get prepared for back to school season with some paper and pencil fun! Use these fun printable activities at home or at school. They work with groups of kids in after school programs and Girl Scouts too! Five FREE Back to School Printables This first one is great for getting back into the mindset of school days. It is fun to do with crayons, markers and …

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Rainbow Cloud Scissor Skills Kid Craft

Scissors Skills Craft For Kids Cutting Practice Idea for Preschool and Kindergarteners School Idea and Homeschool KidCraft Project #sizzix #cloud #craft #kidcraft #scissorsskillscraft #cuttingpracticeforkids

This darling craft is perfect to create for kids working on scissor skills. While this craft has a purpose in teaching the much needed skill of cutting with scissors, it also creates a darling piece of decor once completed. It can be done in a variety of colors and used to add an accent to a classroom or a homework station. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions This project can be …

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DIY Kid Journal Craft

Best Kid Craft Journal Idea for Back to School

Have the kids create journals that gets them excited about writing. When kids get to participate in the creation of a journal, it becomes a special place to store ideas, thoughts, stories and memories. This craft project is a great way to start off the school year with something really fun that can be used for a long time. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions This project could be done as …

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Air Dry Clay Pen Holder

Air Dry Clay Pen Holder Painted

Create a darling air dry clay pen holder in any shape or size with Sculpey Air-Dry. These darling pen holders can be made in any size or shape, depending on what pens or markers they are going to be used for. It is so much fun to work with the clay and then feels like a magical painting surface once dried. This is a great craft activity for back-to-school or …

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DIY Kid Craft Magnetic Clay Frames

Clay Photo Frame Kid Craft

Create frame magnets in a few easy steps with these great clay tools for kids. The tool set from Sculpey is loaded with possibility. There are so many ways to use the different pieces to create amazing works of art. While the set of 12 tools (each with different ends) is inexpensive and perfect for kids – it is an awesome set for advanced clay artists too. Materials and Supplies …

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Glitter Mason Jar Pencil Decor

Glitter Jar Pencil Decor DIY

Create sparkling decor for an awesome teacher appreciation gift. Creating sparking and dazzling decor is so fun and easy with Glitter-It. I love it for creating pieces all year round to celebrate occasions, holidays and TEACHERS! Materials and Supplies Needed Directions for Using Glitter-It! Using Glitter-It is as easy as 1-2-3. I have found that it works the very best when being applied to clean, dry glass with chunky glitter! …

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Rainbow Watercolor Glue Resist

Watercolor Rainbow Glue Resist Kid Art Project

Create colorful rainbow fun with this fantastic glue resist watercolor kid craft. Glue resist crafts are so much fun because of the way the watercolor paints react to the dried material. Whether mixing colors or keeping them separate, this art activity is bound to be fun for kids of all ages – young to old. Materials and Supplies Needed for Glue Resist Watercolor Directions NOTE – Step One has to …

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Air Dry Clay Monster Kid Craft

The Color Monster Craft Air Dry Clay

Create a monster from air-dry clay as a wonderful kid craft idea. Monsters are a great tool for kids to learn about so many things including emotions, facing fears and story telling. One of my favorite books for kids is The Color Monster. I used the monster in the book for inspiration while making this project. Sculpey air dry clay is so easy to work with, it dries without an …

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