Recycled Craft Girl Scout Picture Frame for Kids

Girl Scout Photo Collage Frame

Use recycled cookie boxes to create darling framed photos and memories. Don’t let those cookie boxes go to waste. Use them for adorable and crafty picture frame idea to make projects with your troop. Materials and Supplies Needed This picture frame for kids to make photo frame is super fun to create and amazingly practically mess free. There are so many fabulous colors of fast drying paint sticks from Kwik …

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“Make New Friends” Girl Scout Craft Ideas Christmas Ornament DIY

Make New Friends Girl Scout Christmas Ornament DIY Craft

Create beautiful glittery ornaments for your Girl Scout friends, leaders and volunteers. Making things for friends is special all year round but especially during the holiday season. This project is super easy and doesn’t take much tame, making it perfect to do during a troop meeting. It would also make a really fun Christmas party craft for your Girl Scout troop. It can be adapted by the ribbon color to …

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Cookie Booth Ornament Girl Scout Craft Ideas

Create darling ornaments with items from the dollar store to commemorate Girl Scout cookie season! These are truly so simple and so much fun to make. They can be made with skinny or wide craft sticks as well as felt or paper. The felt will last much longer over the years of being packed and unpacked with the holiday ornaments. Let’s make one of the best Girl Scout Craft Ideas …

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Free Printable Candy Bar Wrappers for Girl Scouts

Free Printable Candy Wrapper GIrl Scout Gifts

Create darling little gifts for your Girl Scout friends and sisters with the free printable candy bar wrappers. Free printables make life so easy. These are the best chocolate wraps because of the adorable variety. There are designs for everyone to enjoy. It is so easy too. Just print, cut, tape and wrap. These are fabulous to use in making gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, kids and delivery drivers. Those …

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Juliette Gordon Low Silhouette Craft Idea

Juliette Low crafts are are a great way to teach about how amazing she was! Juliette Gordon Low (1860–1927), often known by her famous nickname “Daisy,” founded Girl Scouts of the USA in 1912. Her goal was to create a movement where ALL girls could come together and embrace their unique strengths and passions. This is what Girl Scouts has been doing ever since she turned that dream into a …

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Screen Printing Tote Bags for Girl Scout Troops

Make a stencil to create multiple tote bags for all of the girls in the troop! When girls have a tote bag to keep their troop items organized and handy, they are likely to be more successful. This darling project allows you to make a stencil with all of the girls signatures (or designs) that can be used over and over on multiple tote bags (or even t-shirts)! The Ikonart …

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Easy String Art for Girl Scouts

String Art for Girl Scouts Project

Create a darling piece of room decor and learn to hammer nails at the same time. This project is perfect for girls to create something adorable that can be used to decorate their rooms (or cabins/tents)! Twine works great for string art but yarn and craft floss also work as a less expensive alternative. The beads for adding names or troop numbers are optional. Materials Needed for DIY String Art …

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Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is super special because it is also Juliette Low’s Birthday! Use the free printable to celebrate not only what makes every girl (or kiddo) special but also as a way to access creativity. The trefoil can be turned into an adorable pumpkin or cut out and used as a pattern. It is always a great idea to save some cookies from earlier in the year to decorate for the …

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