Rocket Ship Valentine Craft

Valentine's Day Rocket Ship Valentine Craft Idea For Kids with Popsicle Sticks from the Dollar Store

Blast off into a Valentine’s Day craft that is simple and fun for kids of all ages. This one is great for a school project or to make at home. This rocket ship Valentine craft is out of this world. Using basic and inexpensive items from the Dollar Store, make a bunch of these quick and easy Craft Stick Valentine Rocket Ships in about a half hour. Materials: Directions for …

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Marble Clay Jewelry Heart

Clay Valentine Pin

Create beautiful marble clay jewelry in a few simple steps. This is a great project for beginner clay crafters and even kids. Make the hearts from Sculpey Bake Shop clay and learn about mixing colors while creating art. Whether you are making this for yourself or to give as a gift, it is perfect for Valentines! Supplies and Materials Directions Start by setting up your work space. I like to …

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How to Draw Simple Valentine Doodles

Step By Step Valentine Doodles #diy #valentine #doodles #stepbystep #howtodraw

How to draw Valentine doodles for cards and crafts! Doodling is a great way to access creativity. The whole idea of doodling on cards, grocery lists, recycled bags and all the things creates such happiness. Doodling has proven to create calming effects in people. It is a great creative outlet and can be used to make some really fun things.  Here are the directions on how to draw simple Valentine …

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Cupid Crunch Valentine’s Day Chex Mix For Gifts

Valentine Chex Mix Cupid Crunch

Whip up a batch of this delicious Valentine’s Day Chex Mix best known as Cupid Crunch! Making cereal mixes and treats is my jam. Getting ready for celebration all things Valentine’s Day means sweet treats and dreaming about love. Cupid is a fictitous character that plays a fun role in Valentines. I am going to share more about him in a bit because it is interesting. But first things first …

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How to Make Giant Cardboard Gingerbread Decorations

Create darling oversized decorations in a few simple, mess free steps. The best thing about this project is that for a very small amount of money, you can make BIG amazing decorations for your home, porch, classroom or work place. The cardboard gingerbread man is adorable but this same process could be used to make oversized decor for every holiday or themed celebration. The Kwik Stix are the best because …

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Recipe for Strawberry Santa Claus Snacks

Strawberry Santa Claus Treats for Christmas

Create darling strawberry Santa Claus snacks for healthy Christmas treats . These are so simple to put together and offer a fantastic alternative to all of the candies and cookies during the madness of the holiday season. Whether these are made to go in lunchboxes, for classroom parties or festive celebrations – strawberry santa themed snacks are sure to be a hit. Ingredients and Supplied Needed Directions for Strawberry Santa …

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Mini Stocking Pattern for Pets and Humans

Easy DIY Mini Stocking Pattern for Beginners #easy #beginner #sewing #ministockingpattern #stocking #christmas #pets #dog #cat #animal

Sew a masterpiece for your favorite pet with this free mini stocking pattern. Filling stockings with goodies and treats is one of the most fun parts of Christmas gift giving. Finding the perfect little items to go inside is such a joy. Whether filling for a pet or a human, the ideas of things to go inside are endless. But first the stocking has to be made and of course, …

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Recipe for How to Make Donut Snowman Sticks

Powdered Sugar Donut Snowman Recipe

These donut snowman sticks are so cute and easy to make with homemade donuts or store bought. Donuts are for more than breakfast during the holidays (and every day really)! They are the perfect treat to add sugar to because they alone aren’t too super sweet. So, when all of the candy and icing gets added to the stack of donuts, the final outcome isn’t too over the top for …

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