Father’s Day Pillow with Infusible Ink

DIY Fathers Day Pillow Infusible Ink

Father’s Day Pillow with Infusible Ink Not to long ago I was learning to use Infusible Ink from Cricut and I totally messed up the front of one of the t-shirts.  Today I used the back and turned it into a pillow for Father’s Day.  This Father’s Day Pillow with Infusible Ink is the perfect way to get your kids in on the making of one magnificent gift. Material Needed …

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My Dad Rocks Father’s Day Gift

My Dad Rocks Fathers Day Sign Gift with Panning Rocks

My Dad Rocks Father’s Day Gift Have you ever been panning for rocks.  It seems like on most of our family trips there is a panning station (including the middle of the Denver Aquarium).  My kids LOVE to do it.  I found a way to put those panned rocks to good use and get them out of the little dirty bags.  This ‘My Dad Rocks Father’s Day Gift’ is sure …

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5 Reasons for Kids To Make Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

For the past week or so, I have been sharing some great DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that involve kiddos in making the creations.  I think it is really important for kids to be given the opportunity and the freedom to make their own gifts with their own hands.  I am excited to share a lot of these ideas as well as five reasons for kids to make handmade Father’s …

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DIY Father’s Day Wall Art

This DIY Father’s Day wall art project is a great way to create something very customized and special.  With the use of kid’s original artwork and a few other materials, you can create a masterpiece sure to be loved by a daddy.  This post is sponsored but the ideas and opinions are mine.  I received the Design Foam from Fairfield World a while back and am really excited to share …

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DIY Father’s Day Gifts Tie Dyed Hankies

DIY Father's Day Tie Dyed Hankerchiefs

DIY Father’s Day Gifts Tie Dyed Hankies When kids get to create their own gifts to give to people they love, the gifts have such a deeper meaning.  These DIY Father’s Day tie dyed hankies are a perfectly fun and fashionable way to get your kids involved.  Hankies are great for dads because they can carry them in their pockets or keep them in the glove box of their car.  …

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DIY Father’s Day Clay Key Ring

Father’s Day means so much to dads and when their kiddos give them handmade gifts, it is even more special.  This DIY Father’s Day clay key ring is perfect for the dads who want to carry their little tokens of love around wherever they go.  It is made with Sculpey Bake Shop clay which means that is is a totally kid friendly project.  This post was sponsored but the ideas …

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Father’s Day Gift of Udderly SMooth

It is day three of the DIY Father’s Day series, sharing creative ideas for kids to get involved in the making of gifts for dads.  This Father’s Day gift of Udderly SMooth is simply tool-riffic!  I am proud to be an ambassador for Udderly SMooth and while this post is sponsored, the ideas are all my own.  We love Udderly SMooth in this house.  It is greaseless and has no …

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DIY Father’s Day Cherry Marinade with Printable Label

Yesterday I shared a darling DIY felt apron for Dad for Father’s Day and today I am sharing the perfect homemade SWEET CherryMan Marinade to go with it.  This marinade is so easy to make that it is perfect for kiddos to jump in and do it with a grown up.  It is sweet so most kids will love it on their grilled delights.  This post is sponsored by CherryMan …

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DIY Father’s Day Felt Apron

It’s the first day of the DIY Father’s Day Series, 2017!  I love projects that can be made my kids.  This project requires sewing but it is so basic that it makes a perfect project for a beginning on the machine.  I think most dads I know are the grill masters in their families.  This apron is awesome because it is kid-made AND can be totally personalized.  It is made …

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Doodle Some Daddy Love Card for Fathers Day

Fathers Day Card Printable Free for Kids

Create a Fathers Day Card for this adorable free printable that can be customized, personalized and added to in creating your dad. This is such a great free Father’s Day card to print and make. Daddy love is a super special kind of love.  You can create your daddy an adorable card or even gift wrap to celebrate his special day. This Father’s Day, get out your buttons and glue …

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