Easter Bunny Tickets and Coupons

Easter Bunny Coupons Free Printables

Use these free printable Easter Bunny tickets to create awesome fun in the basket. Scroll down for LOADS of free Easter printables. I know that traditionally the Easter bunny brings all new things in the basket BUT wait a minute–what if the bunny ticketed things kids already have with a reminder to play with them.  I LOVE this idea because it can make what is old seem new again and …

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DIY Taylor Swift Valentine Box With Clay Friendship Beads

Taylor Swift Clay Friendship Beads Air Dry

Create any size of flat round clay beads to make darling Taylor Swift friendship bead decor for Valentines Day Boxes and Decorations Decorating gifts, boxes and tags is such a blast when it gets themed to match a friend’s passion. I have a friend who is a TOTAL Swiftie so I made this for her for Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait to share with you how I did it because …

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DIY Painted Christmas Gift Bag Kid Craft

Christmas Gift Bags Handpainted Kid Craft

Empower your kiddos to decorate their own holiday gift bags and personalize their giving. This is a great project to do with a group of kids whether in the classroom, at home or in your store if you are store owner. It is also great for a Girl Scout meeting Christmas craft! I love that it is inexpensive and really allows for kids to access their creativity and use their …

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DIY Paper and Clay Zipper Pulls

Paper and Clay Zipper Pull DIY

Create darling zipper pull accessories with paper and Liquid Sculpey! Materials and Supplies Needed Instructions Start by deciding what image or design you want to create. If you need to sketch it first with pencil, that is totally okay. I just went for it with the permanent markers. Step One Create a design (to scale) for the zipper pull you want to make. Use permanent markers on a thick watercolor …

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Pirate Chest Recycled Craft

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest Craft Recycled Strawberry Box

Save your next plastic strawberry container and turn it into a pirate chest recycled craft. Grab a package of strawberries and use that awesome self closing container to make darling pirate decor for a party of classroom themed learning event. If you need an idea for the strawberries, try this yummy brownie recipe that turns the strawberries into pretend pretty mushroom! Materials and Supplies for DIY Pirate Treasure Chest Directions …

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Strawberry Word Search and Printable Activities

Strawberry Word Search And Free Printables

Grab these free strawberry themed printables and have some fun! Everyone loves something about strawberries. They are the sign of the spring season coming into full fruition in many places which means trips to the farm to pick and frolic in the plants. They are sweet and full of flavor so perfect for recipes galore. They are also beautifully colored and a great inspiration for crafts and home decor. Free …

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DIY felt Heart Garland

Felt Heart Garland DIY Decor

Using felt to make a garland is easy and fun for custom decor making. Creating quick and simple DIY home decor is so awesome with felt. It cuts so nicely with a sharp pair of scissors and doesn’t fray! Kunin Felt come in a variety of colors and can be found at your local craft store as well as many places online. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions Start by creating …

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Liquid Polymer Clay Earrings with Sprinkles

Clay Earrings with Sprinkles Liquid

Make adorable handmade earrings with liquid clay from Sculpey. These earrings can be made in a few basic (but not completely simple) steps. Working with liquid clay is fascinating and fun but does require patience and practice. Every time I make something new using Liquid Sculpey, I get a little bit better at the art of it all. These earrings are a favorite for sure. Materials and Supplies Step One …

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