Homemade Hot Chocolate Spoons Recipe

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Hot chocolate spoons with marshmallows and candies are a perfect winter treat and holiday gift idea with a FREE printable Hot Cocoa Tag!

I love making these to give to all of my friends and neighbors. They are a great idea for making to sell at craft fairs too. Because they are so easy to make, we did them each year with the girls and their Girl Scout troops to sell and raise money for travel. Homemade goodies are the best. These are fabulous because they can be done with chocolate, candy melts or any kind of candy chip as a base.


To make 30 spoons you will need the following ingredients and supplies. 

The wooden spoons can be hard to find around town.  You can grab them on Amazon PRIME and get them right away! I love this set because I have plans for the knives and forks too!

Directions To Make Hot Chocolate Spoons with Candy

Okay, so let’s make some.

Melt about a cup of chocolate chips in a deep and narrow glass container.  Microwaves vary.  We melted them for 45 seconds then stirred until the entire contents were creamy.  Dip a spoon in the melted chocolate then twirl it around to let excess drip back into the container.

Place the dipped spoon onto parchment paper (placed on a cookie sheet or large cutting board). Do all of the spoons then chill them in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Melt the chocolate again if necessary then dip the spoons in a second time to be sure to get a good bit of chocolate on every spoon.

While the second coating of chocolate is still melty, add sprinkles, peppermint pieces, marshmallows or whatever candies you would like. These can be themed for the winter holidays BUT COULD ALSO be done for Valentines!

When the cookie sheet is filled back up, place in the refrigerator to chill faster.

Once the spoons are all chilled, package them in bags with ribbon. It is fun to group them together with washi tape onto a piece of cardboard and package them as cute little sets. Personally, I think it is entirely acceptable to use three spoons in one cup of hot chocolate!


If you like the free printable, grab it and make these darling chocolate and candy spoons for hot cocoa and give them as gifts. Download the printable tags FREE!


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Cheers to chocolate, candy and hot cocoa!

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