CLOTHESPIN Craft Birds Dollar Store Crafts for Kids

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Create darling spring decor with clothespins.

Everyone loves a great kid craft project that can be made inexpensively in not a limited amount of time. Whether you are crafting with the kids at school in the classroom or at home, this is a super fun little project. I love that once the birds are made, there are so many ways to use them for creative play and learning too. Crafting is such an important part of being a kid. I will tell you lots of good reasons to craft with kids in a bit. Until then, let’s make this adorable clothespin craft dollar store craft for kids.

CLOTHESPIN Craft Birds Dollar Store Crafts for Kids

Materials and Supplies Needed

This craft uses supplies that are easy to find at the dollar stores and the crafts stores too. You might even have these items on hand already. It is always okay to substitute items and use whatever you have on hand. If my craft inspires you to make something different, that would make my heart so happy!

Directions to Make Clothespin Craft Birds

These adorable birds can be made in any colors you love. If you are making them to practice learning colors, it is a good idea to make them all different. It you are making them to practice sorting or sequencing, make multiples of each color. If you are making them for fun and to use for creative play – make whatever you want! Don’t you just love Dollar Store crafts for kids like this?

Step One

Paint the clothespins and let them dry. My favorite way to paint clothespins is on the edge of a box.

You can fold the flap in and out to paint both sides at the same time.

Let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step. These could be made in rainbow colors, fall colors, Christmas colors (for ornaments) or any color pallet really.

Step Two

Add google eyes with glue. Isn’t this turning out to be the one of the cutest dollar store crafts for kids?

Step Three

Add beaks. You can either add with orange paint or glued on paper cut outs. If you cut the paper on the fold, you can get a perfect beak to add to the clothepin craft birds.

Using hot glue for this works great because it attaches and stays in place super quick.

Step Four

Glue on feathers. This can be as crazy and fun as you want. Some birds have short feathers but others have flamboyant long feathers.

If you are using paper feathers, cut them out ahead of time and have them ready for the little hands to glue.

Ways to Use the Birds

The birds are great to use in spring decor. They are also a lot of fun for pretend and play as little puppets. Another fun use of these darling handcrafted birds it to teach colors. They go great with my resource designed for preschooler and kindergartners that does just this.

Why Painting with Kids is a Good Idea

Painting with kids is so much more than a craft project or simple activity. It is a way for kids (of all ages really) do many very important things.  Here are some fabulous reasons to get kids painting.

  1. It helps them convey ideas and share.
  2. Painting gives kids an opportunity to express emotions — even ones that might be hiding deep inside.
  3. It uses several senses to paint and through that kids make connections.
  4. Exploring color, the process and the outcomes teaches cause and effect.
  5. When kids made handmade masterpieces, it boosts confidence. Dollar store crafts for kids in an inexpensive way to do this.

Preparation Steps for Painting with Kids

One of the biggest factors in creating successful paint crafts with kids lies in the prep. Here are four things you can do to prepare for a great time crafting.

  1. Expect a little mess. Prep your area knowing that paint can spill, drip and splatter. Cover your work are with kraft paper before starting.
  2. Provide aprons for the kids. If you don’t want to but them, they can wear old adult sized shirts as aprons.
  3. Have paper towels nearby and ready if needed. For clothespin crafts the paint sometimes seeps through the openings.
  4. Know the dry time of the project before starting.  If there are several steps, there might be a dry time involved. Have a puzzle or activity on hand to do during that in between time. You can grab free ones here on the blog.

Bird Colors FREE Printable

Grab this free printable for learning colors through the magic of birds. 

Color Birds Free Printable Laura Kelly Designs

Get the full learning resource from my store with more activities and worksheets.

MORE fun Kid Craft Ideas with Educational Printables

One of my favorite projects is this one with monsters. You can grab all of the deets AND the free printables too.

Monster Printables Activities

There are simply so many fun ways to craft and learn with kids. I love a good clothespin craft using items that are inexpensive and cheerful.

Dollar Store Crafts for Kids Clothespin Birds

Yay for Clothespin Crafts and Dollar Store Crafts for Kids TOO!


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