Clothespin People Leprechaun Craft Decoration

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Clothespin People Leprechaun Craft Decoration

Using clothespins to craft is so much fun. The clothespins make a great base to start from, especially when creating people – whether for everyday play or holiday decorations. It is so simple to wrap hemp cord around the clothespin to create clothing and the like. Hemptique has hemp cord is a huge variety of colors making the possibilities endless. This clothespin people leprechaun craft uses green for the clothing (including the wrapped cardboard piece for a hat) and orange for hair. It is simply adorable with the rainbow tassels for decorating.

Clothespin People Leprechaun Craft

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Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Hemptique Hemp Cord (Green and Orange)
  • Clothespin (One per leprechaun or person)
  • Cardboard (Small Piece cut into a hat shape)
  • Small Wooden Bead for Nose (Could use a button too)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue

Supplies Clothespin Leprechaun Craft

Step by Step Directions

These directions use hot glue. If you are making these with kids, I would suggest making sure you have the cool glue gun or using an alternative adhesive as the glue gun gets super hot and the burns hurt.

Step One

Wrap the clothespin with the green hemp cord. To get it started, either tie a knot or glue to wood base. Wrap the split pieces separately to create legs.

While you are using the green hemp cord, wrap the cardboard cutout of a hat too. My favorite glue gun for little things like this is the Xyron Pen style one.

Step Two

To make a beard for your tiny person, wrap the orange cord around a piece of cardboard (about 1 1/2 inches wide) 15 times. Tie it together in a knot in the center and slide off the cardboard then trim the ends.

Step Three

Glue the hat, beard and the button for a nose to the clothespin to bring your leprechaun craft to life. Add orange hair if desired.

Shiver me timbers. He is an adorable little clothespin people. Here is a fun free leprechaun printable to go with your new friend.

Free printables are great because they offer extension activities and fun projects for kids of all ages. This one is designed to be colored but could also be used as a pattern for painting or cutting out paper. There are TONS of free printables all over the blog. If you are looking for more free printables for Saint Patrick’s Day, I totally have you covered in this post with more than 30 to choose from.

Leprechaun Coloring Printable

Best Ways to Use Free Printables

You might have seen this list from me before but I think it is worth sharing over and over. Sometimes the people in the back need to hear things a few times, right?  There are so many great ways to use free printables.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • Print them and mail in an envelope with a stamp. Snail mail rocks.
  • Batch some up to make an activity book.  This is great for a road trip!
  • Print and use at a place setting on the table to create a conversation starter.
  • Add them to goody bags.  By the way, goody bags are not just for birthday parties.
  • Package them up with your favorite markers and crayons to give as a gift.
  • Drop a few off at the local coffee shop with fun pencils to spread some happy.
  • Cut them up to make cards, gift wrap and decorations.

BEST Tools For Working With Free Printables

These are my favorite tools and art supplies to use with free printables and why I love them too.

  1. Printer – This Laser Printer is inexpensive and works like a charm.  It even works with Alexa.  Bonus!
  2. Scissors – Lots of printables can be cut up to create decorations and cards and things like that.
  3. Markers and Crayons – All thing ooly work the best for me.  I LOVE all of their markers, pencils and crayons.
  4. Colored Pencils – For adult coloring, PRISM makes the colored pencils that I love to use most.
  5. Twine – For creating banners and garlands from printables, I love this twine best.
  6. Adhesive – Lots of printables have pieces that get cut out and put together.  This is my fave tape runner!

More Crafts Like Clothespin People

Making tiny people from wooden clothespins is super fun. They can be used for decorations but also for childhood play and learning. Worry dolls are a great way to teach kids a strategy to lessen anxiety and fears. Creating the tool (the doll) together gives you a chance to talk with your kids about worries and stress too. If you like this, you might love the wooden peg people craft too. These are worry dolls and super fun to create.

Hemp cord would also work for these darling girl power clothespin women. Grab all of the details and a free printable for them here on the blog too.

YAY for clothespin people and leprechaun craft ideas!

Clothespin People Leprechaun Craft

Make the Luck of the Irish Be With You!




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