Dollar Store Clothespin Turkey Kid Craft for Thanksgiving

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Clothespin Turkey Kid Craft for Thanksgiving

Getting the kids involved to decorate for the holidays is a good ideas for so many reasons. It helps them to feel important and included. Also, it it teaches them to magic of celebrating. Additionally,it prepares them for the holiday to arrive. This Clothespin Turkey Kid Craft for Thanksgiving is super fun and oh so simple. The only part that really requires adult intervention for little kids is the use of the glue gun.  Of course there are some low-temp ones out there on the market. Let’s make a clothespin turkey.

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Using simple supplies from the Dollar Store, create this cute as can be Thanksgiving Turkey in just about 30 minutes.

Materials Needed For Clothespin Turkey Kid Craft

Directions for Clothespin Turkey Kid Craft


Gather all supplies. Remove the metal spring from the wooden clothespins. Line up nine full clothespins on your work surface, to create a fan shape.

Attach the pairs of wooden clothespin pieces together with a glue gun and glue sticks, using the photo as a template.

Step Two

Paint all sides of each clothespin as follows with acrylic craft paint: one green, two yellow, two orange, two burgundy, and two brown. Set aside to dry. If you don’t have these colors at home, use the colors you have. Once dry, attach the painted clothespins together with a glue gun and glue sticks.


Attach two mini wood slices together as the turkey body and head, using a glue gun and glue sticks. Then glue the body to the clothespin turkey feathers. Cut out a triangle beak from yellow craft felt and a wiggly waddle shape from red craft felt. If you don’t have felt, use colored cardstock or craft foam. Carefully glue two wiggle eyes, beak, and waddle to the head of the turkey.


To create a flag, measure and cut a strip of off-white cardstock ½” wide by 6” long. Write message like “Give Thanks” about one inch from the right side of the paper strip with a marker. Fold paper strip in half around a wooden toothpick, lining up edges. Secure flag with a bit of glue and cut out a triangle shape from the end to create the flag shape. Attach to either the right or the left side of the turkey.

It is such an inexpensive and fun little craft to make with kids or at a party. The finished turkey is great for a tiered tray decoration, a place setting or amongst other fall decor around the home.

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Thanksgiving Printables For Kids

This project is really fun for kids. Sometimes some of the kids finish before others. Here is a link to another post on the blog where you can go grab Thanksgiving printable activities to download.  They can be printed free of charge.

Free Thanksgiving Printables Activities Coloring and Games #freeprintables #thanksgivingprintables #thanksgivingkidtable

Cheers to all things Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Kids!









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