Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft With Printable Pledge

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Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft With Printable Pledge

We really need to be teaching our kids about the magic of our planet and all that it offers for us to thrive and grow. Earth Day really should be every day but I am glad that there is one time a year that we really shine light on caring for our planet. This activity is super fun to do with kids (of all ages mind you) both at home and at school. I did this with my kids (now adults) both at home and in my class. There is a free printable pledge for you here too. What a great way to have kids take responsibility. Let’s make a Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft!

Coffee Filter Earth Day Art for Kids

Coffee Filter Craft Materials and Supplies

The supply list seems long but you probably have most of these things already around the house or in your classroom.

Directions for Earth Day Craft Project

Step ONE

Color on the coffee filters.

Give each kid ONE coffee filter to start and ONLY green markers.

Have them draw the continents and color them in however they see them in their mind. Do NOT make this be about the actual shape or size of the land. Remind them of all of the great things that grow on our land and how they help keep our air clean.  It is okay if they mix different greens.

THEN, give them a blue marker to color the water. Remind them about how important our water supplies are and the value of keeping it clean for the ocean animals.

Step TWO

Put the coffee filter on a paper plate and spray it with water. The marker will bleed creating a super cool effect. If the kids are doing the spraying, monitor them. It doesn’t take much water. If they get too saturated, pat them with a paper towel to remove excess water. Let them dry completely. This might take a few hours.

If desired, create a pink dyed filter to use in making a heart. This is optional.


Fill out the pledge card in the free printable then cut it out.


Attach the pledge card AND the amazing art created with the Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft to a large piece of card stock or construction paper.

More Earth Day Activities

I love this project. It is a great Earth Day idea. Create gifts for friends for Earth Day and make darling tags to put on them. Grab the deets for this project.

I created an entire resource around recycling and Earth Day. You can grab it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Recycle Activity Pack for Earth Day

BEST Tools For Working With Free Printables

These are my favorite tools and art supplies to use with free printables and why I love them too.

  1. Printer – This Laser Printer is inexpensive and works like a charm.  It even works with Alexa.  Bonus!
  2. Scissors – Lots of printables can be cut up to create decorations and cards and things like that.
  3. Markers and Crayons – All thing ooly work the best for me.  I LOVE all of their markers, pencils and crayons.
  4. Colored Pencils – For adult coloring, PRISM makes the colored pencils that I love to use most.
  5. Twine – For creating banners and garlands from printables, I love this twine best.
  6. Adhesive – Lots of printables have pieces that get cut out and put together.  This is my fave tape runner!

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready. The coffee filter earth is a great kid craft for a rainy day.

Coffee Filter Earth Craft with Free Printable Pledge

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Isn’t this an awesome Earth Day Craft? I sure think so!





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