Conversation Heart Valentine Garland Decor

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Conversation Heart Valentine Garland Decor

This conversation heart Valentine garland is adorable and easy peasy to create.  Because it is made using Cricut’s Explore Air 2 and Easy Press, it is totally customizable so can be personalized with all of your favorite words of love, affirmation and kindness.  It is awesome because it can be hand stitched OR machine sewn, allowing another level of versatility. ALL of the pieces can be cut out on the Explore Air 2 making it craft friendly for the “beginnerest” of beginners.

Iron On Vinyl Valentine Crafts SVG Files #easycraft #valentinesday #decor #cricut #svg #ironon

Let’s talk about the Cricut Easy Press 2.

It is fabulous in many ways but these are my four favorites:

  1. The Easy Press has settings that make it work like a breeze on a variety of bases.
  2. Easy Presses come WITH a safety base because they get HOT (up to 400 degrees)
  3. There are several sizes that work best on specific projects.
  4. It turns OFF by itself if it sits unused for ten minutes BUT it gives a three beep warning first.

What will be needed?

To get started, you will need the following supplies and materials:

Okay, let’s make a conversation heart Valentine garland with Cricut!

FIRST,Start by designing your words in Cricut Design Space, being sure that they are going to be the size that will work for the hearts being made.  There are TONS of adorable fonts in Design Space to choose from.  When cutting them on the Explore Air 2, be sure to remember to mirror the words so they will cut in reverse!  This reminder will come in handy, trust me!

Once they are cut, weed the words and cut them apart.  You can look up the settings for your materials on Cricut. Use the Easy Press to apply the words to canvas material.

Cricut Iron On Words

They should look a lot like this!

NEXT, Cut hearts from felt for the ornaments.  Each one will need two hearts, a front and a back. Stitch the words to the FRONT piece of the heart.  This would be the time to stitch mini felt hearts to the front or back too if desired.  Stitch the fronts and backs to each other (being sure to add a ribbon hanger to the tops), leaving a small opening to stuff with Poly-Fil from Fairfield.  Stuff the hearts and stitch them closed.  String the ornaments to create a garland.

Another way to use the ornaments is to add them to a wreath.

I love this tool from Cricut so much.  It makes it super easy to cut vinyl down to the necessary size which eliminates waste.  The 12 inch ruler cutter also works great on paper and card stock.

Cricut Portable Trimmer

What else can be made?

If you want to make a bigger Valentine project, the Cricut Iron On Vinyl is great for tees too.  You can get the free design that I made with another adorable font from Design Space!

Isn’t it so cute!?  I am going to wear it to my Crafty Happy Hour Valentine’s Day event!

Cricut XOXO Iron On Tee

You can grab all of the Cricut tools and materials you need at your local craft store or in their online store.  If you are looking for some free Valentine’s Day Printables to use with kids (of all ages), this is a super fun collection that you can grab here on the blog.


YAY for Valentines, Handmade and Customizable Projects!


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