Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks

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Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks

I am excited to share a few of my favorite Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks.  Because I am pretty much creating and making things every single day, organization and knowing where things are really helps me with being productive.


Organization Containers

I really like to use things that visually bring me joy like the following five of my favorites. This 6 pack beverage holder is perfect for organizing markers.  I picked it up at World Market a few years ago.  I love that is has a handle for carrying around from table to table.

I use tin cans and containers for things like paintbrushes.  The cans can be lined up on a shelf for easy access and visibility to know right where things are.

Buttons make my heart so happy so I tend to keep A LOT of them around.  I usually have a large glass bowl or jar filled so I can grab the colors I need when I need them.  I like them mixed up because they are simply so dang cute.

When it comes to sewing supplies, I use a spice rack to organize.  This hangs on the wall and holds so many things at one time. It is a great place to hang scissors, store ribbon and stash away scraps.

As for all of the little thingies that go with crafting, I like them to be in clear containers.  This stackable set from Deflecto is ever changing with contents based on the seasons and my stash.

Craft Organization Deflecto

MORE Craft Room Organization Inspiration

Meg from Makeable Crafts is FULL of great ideas.

Ann from Ann Butler Designs is sharing EVEN MORE great craft organization ideas!

Beth from Creatively Beth is so colorful and festive in her organization.  Check it out here!

YAY for being able to find the things you need when you need them in a busy, crazy and awesome craft space!




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62 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization Tips and Tricks”

  1. My favorite crafty thing to do is to use natural things off the ground from outside like pine cones, twigs, etc. and make things with the grandchildren.

  2. I like all kinds of crafts but I’ve ust recently gotten into acrylic paintings. It’s fun even though I’m not the best of artists!

  3. Bake! I think you need to post your macaroon recipe! I thought I had seen you post if before, but I can’t find it!

  4. Just in time…I am designing my craft room for my new home. Would love to be lucky enough to win this give a way to help out for buying some items. Thanks again

  5. I like to create projects using loop yarn. I’m still pretty new with it, but so far I’ve made a few hats, scarves and a shawl. I hope to create more projects with loop yarn soon.

  6. I’m a paper crafter at heart so greeting cards, scrapbooking, quilling, paper beads for jewelry, watercolor, fluid art…all things paper! However, I have been known to cross-stitch and even crochet and do pottery as well. Thanks for your generous spirit Laura 🙂

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