Bright DIY Craft Storage in Recycled Jars

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Create beautiful storage with reycled jars?

Being organized takes practice and commitment, especially in the craft room. There are so many different supplies in all the sizes and shapes that manage to get mixed up and dumped into bins, baskets and tubs.  Being a sucker for recycled jar, there are a ton available in the recycling bins in the garage. By grabbing several in appropriate sizes and upcycling them to be totally adorable, it is easy to create craft storage in recycled jars. Let’s do it.

Upcycling Jars for Crafts

Nothing beats a great upcycled craft idea. There is truly something magical about turning something old (that might have been headed for the garbage) into something new and awesome. I have rounded up some of my favorite projects from here on the blog to share with you.

Craft ideas With Recycled Jars (1)

What Kind of Jars Should I use?

Okay, back to upcycling the jars for storage use. For Storage in Recycled Jars, you can use any size or type or jar at all. It totally depends on where they are going to go and what is going into then. Glass jars are clear so that makes it easy to see what is inside. This is a total plus once the project is done. It is always better to be able to see your supplies and know what is on hand in my opinion. These little jars work great for buttons.

Getting Started When Organizing Craft Supplies

It is important to have containers ready for the supplies once they are sorted and ready to be put away. Craft storage in recycled jars is perfect for tall items (like markers) but not the best for smaller things like clips and pom-poms. For ALL of these little things, I LOVE clear drawers. Clear containers are a MUST in a craft room. They all the items to be seen and this more likely to get used.

The best place to start when organizing craft supplies is with the easiest bucket or pile to sort. Let’s start with this container of coloring and writing utensils.

Dump them all out onto a large surface. The kitchen table works great. Sort them by type, style, color or whatever works. I think that using a big surface for organizing works so much better. If necessary, you can just use the floor!

Place the like items into jars together to create structure.

Craft Storage in Recycled Jars #recycled #jar #craft #studio #organization

Put the miscellaneous little supplies and materials into drawers. I have to admit that I LOVE the little drawers. They are so fun to fill up. Of course, I have been a collector since childhood. I used to stash little things in the metal band-aid tins.

The drawers from ArtBin come in two sizes that work the best for this. The NINE drawer container works perfect for the larger items.

The 25 drawer container is awesome for the little things.

Making The Color Blocked Jars

Additionally, if you want to make the darling color blocked jars with hemp cord, check out this blog post for all the deets.

So, if you are in to the Storage in Recycled Jars idea, please try it. If you don’t have time today, pin this post and save it for later.

Of course, I would love it if you would share it too. Sharing is caring.

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