Create A Fairy Garden with Kids Using Polymer Clay

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Create A Fairy Garden with Kids Using Polymer Clay

Fairies Fairies Fairies.  We LOVE Fairies.  We believe in them and we believe in their magic.  A while back I posted about our trip to Tagawa Gardens and the making of our first fairy garden.  With the snow on the ground and the crazy Colorado weather, we decided to create a little fairy magic that we could have in our home.  We used Sculpey clay (Bake Shop for kids) and made a mushroom house in a fairy size to create a fairy home in a jar. Let’s Create a Fairy Garden using clay.

Create a Fairy Garden Craft for Kids

Materials and Supplies Needed 

  • Jar or Terra Cotta Planter filled with Soil
  • Sculpey Bake Shop
  • Decorative Rocks
  • Raffia or Imitation Grass

Make a Mushroom House with Clay

I used my portfolio collection titled Fairy for inspiration.  From it I created the mushroom house and some little flowers too.  

Start by making the top of the mushroom by rolling clay in your hands until soft and forming a cup shape. Then roll tiny balls from a contrasting color of clay and press them on the cup to form dots.

Hand mold a base to the mushroom house, adding a door and and a handle. Press the two pieces together before baking, following the directions in the packaging.

Add layers of polka dots if desired to create more color. Make some little flowers too.  Add the baked and cooled clay pieces to the top of a dirt filled terra cotta pot to create a mini fairy garden. It is fun to mix and match the clay creations with metal and store bought decorations.

Create a Fairy Garden in a Terra Cotta Pot

Create a Fairy Garden in a Jar

Use the same elements and add them to a jar instead of a terra cotta planter. Ta Da!  Isn’t it adorable!  Crafting in jars is such fun.  I love this bunches because it is so magical and is simply sure to draw fairies indoors from the cold.

TIPS for Working with Kids Using Clay

Here are my top five tips if you plan to share clay crafting with kids.

  1. Create a clean work surface.  Getting dirt in the clay is frustrating.
  2. Have the appropriate tools.  A little roller is super helpful.
  3. Only open the needed colors.
  4. Create alongside kids, role modeling the process.
  5. Practice before trying to make a masterpiece.

Free Fairy Garden Printable Word Search Puzzle

here is a fun word search that you can do and it is FREE!  Download it here and solve it for fun!

Happy Creating Fairy Magic,


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  1. Oh, that is so cute. Perfect for a little fairy room. I love it!! Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again this week.

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