Deflecto Craft Storage for CREATIVE Road Trips

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I cannot say enough great things about Deflecto’s Stack ‘N Go storage for crafty and creative supplies.  It makes it so easy peasy to bring craft projects along when we go on road trips with our Girl Scout troop.  We most recently loaded it up and headed to the Pecos National Forest in New Mexico.  I am super excited to share what we took and what we created.  This post is sponsored by Deflecto but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Our cabin was located 3.5 miles off the road, up a crazy winding path of gravel.  When we arrived, we unpacked the car. The Stack’n Go is always the last thing to go in and the first to come out.

The views were perfect for creative inspiration.  Here are couple from our deck overlooking the forest and off in the distance the mesas.

We took supplies along for several projects.  The top of the caddy was filled with the supplies we needed to create our journal nook in the cabin.  It was stocked with special pens, mini journals and erasers.  The handle made it super easy to carry around and be able to have everything we needed to journal on the go.  The lids are on flexible hinges and really easy to remove and put back on.

I think the girls loved watercolor painting the most.  We were so fortunate to be able to have time in sculpture gardens along Canyon Road to paint.  The supplies were ready to go thanks to the Stack ‘N Go.  Here is a little tip.  I keep the brushes in a jar turned sideways so we can use the jar for water!

Check out these girls in the gardens.

I totally love this masterpiece of the garden view.

The rest of our storage containers were filled with things we need all the time, craft thread for bracelets, scissors and adhesives.

So if you are on the fence as to whether or not you need the Stack ‘N Go, let me tell you that you do.  Seriously, it is so much more efficient that plastic bags filled with supplies loaded into a tub.  It works.  The girls can keep it organized.  Everything has a place.  I LOVE it.

Cheers to Creating on the Go with Girl Scouts!


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  1. This would be so awesome to have for my daughter who loves to create everywhere! Also for my Girl Scout Brownie Troop – we will be working on the Outdoor Art badge next year.

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