DIY Clay and Screen Bug House with Sculpey

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This DIY clay and screen bug house is a perfect craft project for a kiddo to kick off the summer.  I love it because it is super fun and creates a completed masterpiece with tons of play value and purpose.  My kids all loved to collect bugs when they were little.  Actually, they still probably do.  Because sculpting with clay is a craft that is calming and fun, this project is a great one for most all kids.  This post is sponsored by Sculpey but the ideas and opinions are my own.

To make this project, you will need the following materials.

The first step is the hardest one.   Make a two inch diameter ball with the white and then roll it into a snake that measures 16 1/2 inches.  Roll your screen into a tube and use the snake all the way around where the two sides meet to smoosh them together and form a seam.  It is okay if you have a little extra on the end.  Just mash it back in.

Create two 1 inch diameter white balls and then smash them flat to be a little larger than the opening of the tube.   Use a knife to cut a hole in the middle of one of them.  Push them into the screen to form a top and a bottom.


If you want to seal them to the screen, make two long snakes of white to wrap around the top and bottom to create a prettier seal.  I used white on the bottom but used blue Bake Shop on the top.  Add green grass around the bottom.

Make two bugs (a bumblebee and a ladybug) large enough to cover the hole on the top.  When the box has bugs in it, this is what will keep them from escaping!

Bake the house and the bugs following the directions in the clay packaging.  I baked mine for 10 minutes at 300 degrees.  Let your house cool completely before taking outdoors to hunt for bugs.  It is fun to add a few sticks and grass to the inside too!

Ta Da!  Isn’t it so so fun.  Working with clay is the best.

Cheers to Bugs and to Summertime,


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