DIY Confetti Wax Seals with a Glue Gun

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These are the perfect way to sprinkle color into your happy mail!

DIY Wax Seal with Glue Gun Hack Using Clay Sprinkles and Basic Glue Sticks

Use regular hot glue sticks and your favorite glue gun to make darling seals that can be added to an envelope or a card. They are not only super fun to make but add a touch of happy to everything they go on. Use the to jazz up an invitation, a thank you note or a kindness package going out to a friend.

Materials and Supplies Needed


The steps for making DIY Glue Gun Wax Seals with Sprinkles Confetti are so easy peasy. I am going to add a few of the tips for being successful after trying this a few different ways.

Step One

Heat up glue gun until it reaches the hottest setting. Squeeze out about an inch in diameter of glue (about 10 pulls of a standard trigger).

Step Two

While the glue is still HOT, add a pinch of CLAY sprinkles. Keep the bowl of sprinkles handy and add a few more to fill in any areas that didn’t get enough.

Step Three

Add more hot glue on the top of the sprinkles. The more you add here, the thicker your final seal will be.

Step Four

Place the seal stamp gently on to of the glue blob. Do NOT press it. It will sink in a little on its own.

Let the glue hardened COMPLETELY before peeling the seal off of the silicone mat then off of the seal stamp. Remove any sprinkles that are sticking out.

Once peels off the stamp, use it to decorate envelopes, tags, gifts and ALL the things.

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  1. These are adorable. I am always looking for ways to make additions to my holiday(s) cards that I send to 8 grands and numerous family and elderly friends.

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