DIY Cork Message Board

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DIY Cork Message Board

Everyone loves to get a little message reminding them that they are special and that they matter.  This bulletin board craft is super simple and fun for kids and adults. It would be a fun group activity at a Girl Scout meeting or in a classroom too. Because the ribbons could be used in any color scheme, it is perfect to pair up with a favorite sporting team, a sorority or room decor. Spreading kindness and building self esteem starts at home so I think this would be perfect in the kitchen or the entryway. What better way to promote the writing and sharing of kind messages than to create a diy cork message board dedicated to building self esteem.

Girl Scout DIY Cork Message Board

Isn’t that one for Girl Scouts just simply perfect. In addition to the push pins for holding messages, the The absolute best thing about this project is that it can be done for any theme.

Making a Girl Scout Cork Message Board

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Check it out rainbow style. This is so bright and cheerful! It is perfect for the door on a dorm or a classroom. These would be super fun to make for a spirit craft for a school or a sorority in the team colors.

DIY Ribbon Cork Board Craft

Materials and Supplies Needed for a DIY Cork Message Board

Directions to Make a Cork Message Board

These cork boards are so fun and simple to put together. It only takes about 30 minutes so the craft is a great project for a party or with kids. If working with kiddos, it is a good ideas to have the ribbon cut BEFOREHAND. These directions for the DIY Cork Message Board assume that ribbon has already been cut.

Step One

Put a generous amount of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse around the edge of one of the pieces of cork. Attach the pieces of ribbon all the way around the cork square. If necessary, apply extra adhesive in the corners for the overlap. Don’t you love Do It Yourself crafts!?

Step Two

Add a generous amount of E-6000 around the edge again. Fold the ribbon pieces in to create loops on your homemade project.

Step Three for the DIY Cork Message Board

Apply the Fabri-Fuse around the entire surface of the cork square then put the other one on top of it. Place something heavy on them and let the glue dry completely.

Step Four

Add a handle to the back of the cork message board with another piece of ribbon.

It is so fun to hang and use for sharing communications with the people who share your space, whether that is a home, dorm, classroom, office or laboratory.

Reasons to Write and Share Kind Messages

  • It creates a memorable way to touch the people you care about.
  • Leaving a message creates a beautiful surprise.
  • Connections and relationships are strengthened through the exchange of kind thoughts.
  • Sometimes it is easier to write and share a thought than to say it out loud.
  • Research proves that sharing loving messages makes you happier.
  • It causes you to pause and think about what matters.

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In conclusion, I highly recommend spreading homemade love and happiness through the written word.  Whether you choose to use this type of memo center or some other, do it!

Cheers to Spreading Love!


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