DIY Felt Garden Flag

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Create a no sew garden flag with beautiful colors of Kunin felt.

Every garden needs a flag! While there are bazillions of them to choose from out there in the shopping world, it is so much more fun (and personal) to make them with felt. Felt is great for outdoor use because it made from recycled bottles. The colors can uphold the sunshine and stay bright. The material can withstand the weather. This is a great craft for kids (of all ages)!

Materials and Supplies Needed

Start by creating the pocket that will be used to hold the flag in place. Place two generous glue lines on the top of a sheet of felt.

Place a second craft cut on top and gently press where the glue lines are. Allow this to dry overnight hours before trying to place it on the flag holder. While it is drying, create your pattern on the front.

Creating a Garden Flag Design

There are bazoodles of patterns that can be used on a flag – here on this blog and all over the internet. For this flag, I created a tomato plant because this year I am all about TOMATOES in my garden.

If you want another pattern, check some of these out.

How to Glue the Felt Pieces Together

The e6000 FabriFuse is AWESOME but can be a little tricky. Apply it to the back of the felt pieces and CAREFULLY place them on the flag front. Do this from the bottom layer up so that you don’t have to lift any felt once it has been placed.

Add a fun fringe trim to the bottom of the flag using the fabric glue then let the entire thing DRY overnight. There are so many different fringes and trims to choose from. These could be layered to add lots of detail to the flag too.

Either glue the back piece of the flag to the front to make it thicker OR cut the back off up to the pocket once everything is dry.

More Fun Ideas For Summer with Felt

Beth over at Creatively Beth made a darling watermelon purse with the same felt that I used in this project. Check it out and get the pattern over on her blog.

Lindsay over at Artsy Fartsy Mama made a darling no sew taco bag. Get all of the directions to make your own.

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