DIY Flower Place Setting Decorations

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It is festive and simple to create decorativeDIY  flower place setting decorations with Oly*Fun from Fairfield World.  Oly*Fun is great to work with because it feels like fabric but cuts and works like paper.  I love it because it doesn’t tear and hold up.  This morning I shared these place settings on FOX News Denver and I am excited to share them on the blog too, along with a couple of other flower ideas using Oly*Fun.  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own.

How to Make Giant Flowers and Flower Table Settings for Mothers Day

There are so many AWESOME colors of Oly*Fun!

To make the place settings, you will need Oly*Fun in a variety of colors (preferably 6 different colors for each setting)  Cut Oly*Fun into three different sizes of circles.  I used my biggest pot, a large plate and a small plate to get a 14 inch, 12 inch and 8 inch variety.

Layer a small on top of a medium on top of a large circle.  Pushing a finger in the center from the smallest to the largest, create a gather and wrap it in a rubber band.

Fluff out your flower and cut in toward the center every 3 inches or so apart, about 4 inches into the flower.  Create a center by cutting a strip of Oly*Fun (in a fourth color) 2 inches by 12 inches and then fringing it.

Roll it up and glue it shot then attach it in the center of your flower.  This goes on the top of your place setting, the salad plate.

To create your place setting, place a large circle on the table first in a fifth color, then place a dinner plate on top of it.

Add a medium circle then a salad plate.

Add your flower to the top and ta da, you have the cutest place setting ever for Mother’s Day!

To make giant flowers, cut giant petals and hot glue them to a dinner paper plate.  Add several layers to get your desired look.  Glue a salad plate to the center then add the fringe flowers like we made above to the centers.  These two came out so darling.

Another fun idea is to use the fringe flowers to create a jar gift.  For this one, I cut out a large flower using my Sizzix Die that I designed (part of the calendar collection) and added the fringe flower pieces in the center.

Oly*Fun is sturdy and fabulous but not really made to last outdoors.  So, if you use your flower creations outside, be sure to bring them in when you are done.  Here are a few photos from ‘Behind The Scenes’ on the news.

Do you want to watch the segment on FOX News.  Here you go…

Cheers to Mother’s Day, Flowers and Celebrations!

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