DIY Lucky Charms Garland Free Printable Pattern

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DIY Lucky Charms Garland Free Printable Pattern

Decorating for Saint Patrick’s Day is easy with this darling project that is perfect for kids or adults. The pattern that you can download and print for free is great to use with felt, construction paper and card stock too. Lucky, the leprechaun, has become such an iconic little guy filled with character and charisma. I am going to shar more about him in a bit but first let’s make a DIY Lucky Charms Garland with the Free Printable Pattern.

DIY Lucky Charms Garland Free Printable Pattern Download

Supplies and Materials Needed

These are the supplies that you will need to make the garland out of felt. I love Kunin felt the most because it is so great to work with. It is easy to cut and doesn’t fray so no sewing is necessary at all. Did you know that Kunin felt is made from recycled bottles? I think that is a super cool fun fact.

  • Kunin Felt (Classic) in the colors of the rainbow and Cashmere (tan) for the garland pieces (3 x 4 inches each)
  • Scissors
  • Free Downloadable Pattern
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Needle
  • 24 inch piece of ribbon or twine
  • Mini Clothespins (12)

Directions to Make a DIY Lucky Charms Garland

Step One

Match up colors to the pattern pieces. It is fun to use actual marshmallow pieces from the box of cereal for this, especially when crafting with kids. Plus, they make great crafting snacks.

Step Two

Cut out your pieces using the pattern. Pinning the pieces to the pattern is one way. It is also an option to trace the pattern with a black marker on to the felt. I prefer the pinning because the felt stays clean without marks. Cut rectangles for the backing of each piece too. I used 4 x 5 inch pieces.

Step Three

Stitch the pieces to the garland rectangles, the 3 x 4 inch pieces).  You could also use fabric glue for this! If you choose to go the glue route, I would highly recommend using E-6000 Fabri-Fuse. It is my favorite glue. The DIY Lucky Charms Garland would work with a glue stick if construction paper is being used.

Stitched Lucky Charm Treats Garland Pieces

Step Four

Use clothespins to attach the felt rectangles with stitched on charms to ribbon.

Which felt square is your favorite. I am partial to the red balloon for some reason. I also love the rainbow (and the heart!).

All About Lucky the Leprechaun

Okay, let’s first talk a little about Lucky the Leprechaun, the iconic figure.  Here are my favorite five fun facts.

  1. His formal name is L.C. Leprechaun.
  2. In the early 1960s, he was also referred to as Sir Charms.
  3. Lucky debuted in his first commercial in 1964.
  4. Lucky has a passion for the environment? In 1991, Lucky Charms featured a Colorado Blue Spruce Seedling Mail in Offer.
  5. Lucky turned 50 in 2014 and Pentatonix did a musical tribute!


Bonus Fact!

The first boxes of Lucky Charms had only four mallows: yellow moons, orange stars, pink hearts, and green clovers!  They were created by mixing Cheerios with circus peanut candy make the first cereal with marshmallow pieces.  Okay, so that was really two more facts.

More Fun with the Cereal

If you want to teach a little math to your kids, this super fun printable activity is perfect. Go grab it.

Free Printable Lucky Charms Graph

Sweet treats are always fun. The cereal makes great bars to give as little Saint Patrick’s Day gifts.

Lucky Charm Cereal Bar Treat Recipe and Free Printable

Gosh, you pretty much have everything you need here to plan a party! The DIY Lucky Charms Garland can be used over and over again so you could have this party with you family or classroom every year.

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