DIY Magnet Gift Tags To Make at Home

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Let’s make some awesome DIY magnet gift tags.

It is so fun to create darling gift tags to put on presents but it makes me sad to think that they might get thrown in the trash. So, after some thinking things through – I decided to try this fun project using the magnet cartridge for the Creative Station by Xyron. It is one of my favorite craft room tools because it is designed to do so many fabulous things with my doodles, drawings and paintings. I am super excited to share these DIY Magnet Gift Tags that can be used to decorate darling gifts and then be used afterwards too.

Xyron Creative Station DIY Magnet Tags

The Xyron Creative Station is a simple to use tool that has multiple features for everyday use both at home and in the classroom. It is also fabulous for creating marketing materials! It requires no electricity,  no batteries AND no heat. It is as easy to use and turning the handle. You can literally use it RIGHT out of the box to make stickers!

Materials and Supplies Needed

To Make these magnetic tags, you only need a few things. Here is a list of what you should have gathered and ready in order to be successful.

  • Creative Station from Xyron
  • Magnetic Cartridge for Creative Station
  • Free Printable Gift Tags (OR you can make your own!)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Colored Pencils, Crayons or Markers

Directions to Make Tags

These are the steps I used to make the DIY magnet tags. While I cut the tags before and after running them through the machine – you COULD wait and only cut them once. I just don’t like to waste any of the magnetic/laminate material so try to use it wisely.

Step One

Color the free printable tags. You can download the file at the end of this post.  You could do this any creative way that you like. I did them with rainbow stripes using crayons.

Step Two

Cut the tags out right outside of the black line around the edges and put them on the Creative Station platform right side up. Push them all the way into until they are stopped by the cartridge’s magnet meeting the laminate.

Step Three

Turn the handle to gently run the DIY magnet tags through the machine. It will apply magnet to one side and laminate the other. Once they are all the way through, use the slider to cut them away from the Creative Station.

Step Four

Cut the tags out again!

Gift Tags Free Printable

Punch a hole in the top center to add it to a package with ribbons!

DIY Magnet Gift Tag

Once the package is opened and the wrap thrown away, the magnet is still awesome for adding to any magnetic board, refrigerator or surface.

DIY Magnet Tag on Magnetic Board

About the Creative Station

You can effortlessly apply edge-to-edge adhesive to your craft projects with the Creative Station. This compact, non-electric machine works with only a few turns of the handle, with no messy clean up. These are some of the best features to this amazing machine.

  • No electricity means no warm-up time. Simply turn the handle and start applying adhesive to your projects right away.
  • Replace your messy glue sticks, smelly spray mount and double-sided tape. Apply acid-free, non-toxic adhesive for sleek, professional results.
  • Machine accepts both 9″ and 5″ cartridges to help minimize waste and maximize flexibility of all your craft projects. Easy drop-in refills.
  • Insert items up to 1/8″ thick including paper, embellishments, vellum, fabric and ribbon
  • Comes pre-loaded with one 25 foot by 9 inch permanent adhesive cartridge. Also accepts laminate and magnet refills (sold separately).
  • Great for arts and crafts, the Creative Station can help you make wedding invitations, handmade cards, educational flash cards, stickers, labels and more

DIY Magnet Gift Tags are fun to use for birthdays and everyday gift giving. If you have been here long then you already know that I love spreading kindness through the giving and receiving of gifts!

FREE Printable Tags

Download these free tags and use them up! They are great for making magnets but can also be used with the Creative Station to make stickers! Check out this post for those deets.

TWO More FUN Projects To Make With The Creative Station

This adorable set of stickers from Artsy Fartsy Mama is on her blog with a FREE printable!

Beth over at Creatively Beth has this free printable to make luggage tags with the laminating cartridge!

Free Luggage Tag Printable

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

DIY Magnet Gift Tags

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Cheers to DIY Magnet Making for Everyone!


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