DIY Mushroom Clay Earrings from Cookie Cutter

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Create adorable earrings with Sculpey clay and a cookie cutter.

The best thing about this project is that you can create any shape or size of earrings with Sculpey clay and the cookie cutter you have in your collection. There are so many options and ways to use this technique to make not just earrings but also charms for necklaces and bracelets.

Materials and Supplies Needed

The materials and supplies need for this earring design would work with any shape using whatever little cutter you have and love.

Directions to Make Earring with Clay and Cookie Cutter

Start by making sure that your work surface is clean and dry. Clay picks up any little dirt or dust around while working so a clean starting point is really helpful. Work on the silicone mat!

Step One

Roll clay into a thin slab (approximately 1/8 inch thick). Think about how thick you would want an earring to be while wearing it. Use a cutter to cut out TWO of the shapes – one for each ear of course.

Step Two

Bake the clay ON THE SILICONE MAT for about 12 minutes at 275 degrees. Let cool completely before taking the next step.

Step Three

Using your favorite acrylic paint, add details and color to the dry clay shape. Note that letting colors dry before adding new ones will help keep the colors from mixing. Of course, you might want the colors to mix! Be sure to paint BOTH sides.

Step Four

Once the paint has dried, add a layer of Sculpey Glaze using a clean, dry paintbrush. There is a matte and a glossy choice so choose whichever you prefer. Afterall, these are going to be added to your fashion collection.

Step Five

Let the glaze dry before flipping the earrings over and gluing the studs to the back. My favorite glue for this is a strong jewelry glue.

Making jewelry with clay is fantastic because it allows the opportunity to create anything and everything to match every style, outfit and fashion trend. It is a relaxing craft project that is great for kids and adults.

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