DIY Paint Chip Jack-O-Lantern Patch

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Create darling decor for the season with paint chips.

Paint chips make the best surface for creating quick crafty decorations and tags. I love this Paint Chip Jack-O-Lantern Patch and how it brings this candy to life. Paper crafting is a great way to whip up something fast and fun for Halloween. They are sturdy and come in a variety of shades of orange (and all of the other colors too)!

Let’s make a pumpkin patch together.

Paint Chip Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lantern Patch Craft #KIDCRAFT #ClassroomHalloweenCraft #PaintChipCraft

Wait, but first. Welcome to Team Creative Crafts 2021 Last Minute Halloween Series!!!

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Supplies Needed for Paint Chip Jack-O-Lantern Patch

Directions to Make Paint Chip Jack-O-Lantern Patch

This Paint Chip Halloween Craft is awesome because it is super easy and requires zero drying time even though there is foiling and adhesive components involved.  Thanks to the amazing Zots adhesive dots from Therm-O-Web, this craft can be done with kids in a matter of minutes so it great for classroom crafts and scouting meetings.

Step 1

Draw faces on the orange paint chips with small dots to mark the spots for the eyes.

Step 2

Place Zots dots on the eyes then add google eyes on the adhesive dots.

Step 3

Add Zots dots to the ends of the jack-o-lantern mouths and peel off the other side to reveal the adhesive.

Press the foil on the dot and mash it with your finger to get it completely covered then peel the foil away.

Step 4

Add a piece of green ribbon as a bow with a Zots adhesive dot if desired.  A cut out piece of a green paint chip works too.

The bow is such a special little touch.

Step 5

Place a clothespin mini as a stem.  This works to attach the Paint Chip Jack-O-Lantern Patch to candies and treats too. If desired, add extra embellishments like the tiny bat.

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37 thoughts on “DIY Paint Chip Jack-O-Lantern Patch”

  1. Fall is my favorite season! I just love all the cute decor, mums, pumpkins, colorful leaves, cooler weather and the yummy baked goods.

  2. My favorite is the season to do things for holidays with friends and family. Love to decorate and craft -just bought a Cricut!!!

  3. I love everything about Autumn! The beautiful red, brown, yellow and orange leaves, the crisp and cool air. Oh! and we cannot forget all of the lovely apple cider things! *swoons* My favourite season, hands down.

  4. I couldn’t pick just one favorite thing about Autumn. It’s the best season of the year! Love the crisp air, the fall foliage, the cooler weather, breaking out my sweaters and all things cozy, the excuse to drink hot cocoa every day, pumpkin patches, my anniversary and birthday, etc!

  5. The thing I like most about autumn is all the wonderful colors that show up on the trees after the frost hits. I also love seeing all the people in their Halloween costumes at the end of October.

  6. I don’t know how you can have a favorite part of autumn when the whole season is my favorite with the colors, flavors, weather, and holidays!

  7. My very favorite thing about autumn is that the temperature is cooling off. I also like the colorful autumn leaves and the cozy autumn foods like soups, stews, and chili!

  8. My favorite thing about autumn is the change in weather. The cooler weather is definitely a relief from the hot summer!

  9. So many absolutely cute crafts! Pinning so many of these! I really love the beautiful colors in nature and also the most perfect weather here in Georgia!

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