DIY Pocket Hug Poem and Fabric Heart

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Create adorable, meaningful pocket hugs to spread love all around.


The fabric heart serves as a fantastic way to create love that lives inside pockets. The pocket hug poem is free to download which makes this project a perfect one to give as a gift for kids to have at school. It is also perfect to gift to family members when made from a loved one’s shirt for the fabric side. There are so many great stamps in the Kindness on Purpose collection so the perfect hugs can be created.

Once of the best things about this craft is that is 100% adaptable for all kinds of friends, families, scout troops and passions. The hearts can be made with themed fabric that reflects hobbies, colleges, sport teams, etc. It can be made with vintage quilts, special clothing items or totally from recycled bags.

Materials and Supplies for Pocket Hug Poem Craft

It is great to create a whole bunch of these from a shirt of someone greatly loved like a family member. Recently I made 25 of them from one shirt for my friend to give her family after the passing away of her grandfather. It is such a special sentiment.

Get the stamps HERE from Therm-O-Web!

Directions to Make Pocket Hugs

These could be made with any fabric, new or old. So many times tote bags are given away at trade shows and end up in a huge pile in the pantry. This is a GREAT way to upcycle them into something special.

Step One

Start by getting your stamping materials and tote bag ready. The stamps should be clean and prepped on clear stamp blocks. This helps see exactly where the image is going to be once the stamp is placed on the fabric. Cut the tote bag and make sure it is wrinkle free. Run an iron over it if necessary.

Step Two

Stamp images onto the canvas pieces from the tote bag. There can be lots of images or a single one for a totally different look.

Step Three

Use the free printable download to trace hearts around the stamped images. Cut out one heart for each hug being made.

Step Four

Cut hearts from batting and fabric for each one too. The fabric can be new or old. It could also be ANOTHER piece of canvas from the tote bag for a double sided stamped hug.

Step Five

Pin two hearts with piece of batting in the middle.

Step Six

Sew using a zig-zag stitch around the outside of the hearts and throughout the center. It is kind of like super mini quilting.

Trim the threads to complete the hearts and get them ready to go with the Pocket Hug Poem. Trim off around the edges of the hearts too to remove and marker remains from the tracing or uneven pieces in the fabric layers.

Step Seven

This is part where you turn the heart hug into a gift. Either place it directly onto the cutout printable card OR cut the card apart and make your own. Use Therm-O-Web’s awesome tape runner to attach the heart to the card. It works gently so hold it to the card without leaving any sticky residue later.

Thermoweb Tape Runner Pocket Hug Poem

Girl Scout Pocket Hug

A great version of this project is to make little heart hugs for all of the girls in your Girl Scout troop if you are a leader. They can keep them in their backpacks OR pockets as a reminder of how much you care about them! Use a permanent marker to add your troop number to the stamped design. The rainbow is always a super good choice.

It’s super fun to add little extra patches and charms too!

Fabric Pocket Hug Poem Printable Girl Scout Craft

Be sure to download and print the free printable!

Pocket Hug Poem and Pattern

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