How to Make a DIY Rosemary Wreath

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Create a beautiful and fragrant wreath from fresh cut rosemary.

DIY Rosemary Wreath made with fresh cut springs and a few simple supplies for holiday decorating.

This DIY Rosemary Wreath is not only stunning but also smells fabulous. The aroma of fresh cut rosemary

Fun fact! Rosemary wreath making dates as far back as 500 B.C. at the time the Greeks and Romans also used the herb for medical needs and and culinary flavor. These hearty evergreen plants are also used for their aromatherapy properties. The herb reduces stress and encourages relaxation which is good for the mind and the spirit.

Materials and Supplies Needed

Directions for DIY Rosemary Wreath

Be sure to cut the rosemary fresh for this project. If it is dried out, the branches won’t bend properly. Once cut, put them in a bucket with a few inches of water until ready to make the decor project.

If you plant seems dirty, rinse the sprigs to remove any dirt. Gently pat them dry, then let them dry for about an hour. Just be sure to not leave them for too long because the springs will become brittle and break.

Step One

Take the first piece of rosemary and use floral wire to secure it to the wire form.

Step Two

Wrap it gently around the sprig and once a few inches from the end, add the next piece and wrap it in.

Step Three

Keep adding new sprigs to the DIY rosemary wreath until it is full. Use the wire cutters to trim any loose ends of wire or springs.

Step Four

Use twine to wrap around the wreath and create a way to hang it up. Add a twine bow if bows are your thing. They are most definitely mine. There are lots of different kinds of ribbon and burlap that would be so pretty for this. Depending on the season and the theme, different colors would make totally different statements.

Once the wreath is complete, it is absolutely gorgeous and ready to hang up.

Aromatherapy Wreath

Aromatherapy is a great way to improve the experience in a room or a home. Different herbs and flowers have all kinds of healing properties that work through our sense of smell. An option to turn this DIY Rosemary Wreath into an aromatherapy wreath is to add cranberries, oranges and cinnamon sticks. These are three ingredients that I had handy from the stovetop potpourri we made a few days ago. Use hot glue to add them.

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How To Make a DIY Rosemary Wreath with Fresh Sprigs for the Herb Plant in a few easy steps for fresh holiday decor

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YAY for all the wreaths!


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