DIY Worry Dolls and Friendship Bracelets

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DIY Worry Dolls and Friendship Bracelets

The cord that I received recently from Hemptique is so so beautiful and fabulous to work with.  It is gorgeous in both color and texture.  I have had so much fun working with it and creating new ideas for projects and ways to package gifties.  I am excited to share two of my creations, DIY Worry Dolls and Friendship Bracelets.  This post is sponsored by Hemptique but the ideas and opinion are my own.  I chose to share these two projects because I think we all could use a lot less worry and a lot more friendship.

DIY Worry Dolls with Hemp Cord

DIY Worry Dolls with Hemp Cord

To make these darling worry dolls, you will need just a few things.

Steps To Make Worry Dolls

Place a strip of the two sided Easy Tear Tape on both sides of the doll body

Wrap cord around the doll from neck to bottom, using the adhesive to hold it in place.

Braid 6 strands of cord to make a scarf.  Tie around neck.

Tie 18 pieces of cord in the middle and glue to the top of the head to create hair. Trim.  Add two eyes with a black marker.  Add a bow to the hair if desired with additional cord.  Another option is to braid a REALLLLLLLY long braid and use it to wrap around the doll body.  This is a little more difficult but turns out super amazing.  For this, I used Beacon’s Fabri-Tac to hold the cord in place.

Tell your worries to your dolls.  They will listen without judgment as you sort through what really matters and what can be let go.

DIY Friendship Bracelet

For this project, you will only need a selection of hemp cord from Hemptique.  This is the CORD THAT I USED!

Steps to Make Friendship Bracelets

  • Cut 5 pieces of craft thread (30 inches long each).  Fold the floss in half and tie a know about 2 inches from the fold.  It will make a loop.  Match the colors up to make 5 strands.
  • Starting with the color on the left, weave it through the other colors (over then under then over then under).  Pull it up tight while keeping the rest of the colors in place.

  • Do the same thing with the other colors from left to right until your bracelet is long enough.
  • Tie the pieces all together into a knot.
  • Put the bracelet on a wrist and tie the ends together tightly then cut the excess.

Hemptique has a large selection of cords and many other fabulous products.  Be sure to visit their website for tons of inspiration.

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  1. Love the Worry Dolls! I’m ordering supplies today. Wasn’t sure size of the wooden doll base. I’m thinking about 3 inches? These will be great projects for my teenage grand girls.

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