Easter Bunny Tickets and Coupons

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Easter Bunny Tickets and Coupons

I know that traditionally the Easter bunny brings all new things in the basket BUT wait a minute–what if the bunny ticketed things kids already have with a reminder to play with them.  I LOVE this idea because it can make what is old seem new again and re-purpose things from around the house.  These Easter bunny tickets and coupons are great for ALL ages.

Easter Bunny Tickets and Coupons Free Printable and Ideas

What To Do with the Easter Bunny Tickets

Start by downloading the free printable, printing the tickets and cutting them out.

Bunny Ticket Ideas for Easter

NEXT, make them even more adorable by using a Therm-o-Web adhesive (I used the Tape Runner XL)  to attach them to colored card stock.  Punch holes in them and tie them to gifties for the Easter basket.

Examples of Ways to Use Easter Bunny Tickets

The bunny tickets can be tied to things that you already have around the house as a way to create activities to do together with your kiddos.  Here are a few of my favorite ones tied up to things that I love!

Let’s start with baking cakes!  Yes, I love to bake. This is a GREAT Easter Basket Idea for Teenagers. This tag is tied to a package of flour from Hungry Harry’s All Purpose Flour Blend.  You can get it on Amazon!

This ticket is tied to an AMAZING trivia game from Gray Matters Games.  I love it because it is super fun for older kids and adults.  This is a GREAT Easter Basket Idea for Teenagers too. You can get it at my favorite educational toy store, Beyond the Blackboard.

Of course I tied the Easter Bunny Ticket for Make a Craft to my ooly watercolor paint pods!  Because guys, they are the BEST!

There is a complete set of BLANK tags too so you can make them say whatever you want!

Easter Bunny Tickets Blank Tags

This blog is packed with fun, creative and inspiring ideas!  If you are looking for more printables–definitely go check out the FREE printable library where you can find hundreds of games, activities, coloring pages, etc.

Daisies Collage Coloring Printable

Another Fun Paper Crafting Idea

Paper Flower Notes are really easy to make and once finished, create a darling way to send a happy hello in an envelope.

Paper Flower Note Cards Made From Scraps

Cheers to Celebrating, Making and Connecting!



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