Easy Macrame Barrette DIY Tutorial

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Easy Macrame Barrette DIY Tutorial

Creating a sense of style for oneself is super empowering.  I love the BoHo look that I get when creating with macramé projects because each one has such a unique and fashionable vibe. There are so many colors and thicknesses of cords and rope from Hemptique so there are tons of possibilities. I made this hair piece and love it so much that I am thinking about creating a headband next. But before I get totally ahead of myself, I am really excited to share the Easy Macramé Barrette direction with you.

Easy Macrame Barette DIY

Important Macramé Terms

Before we get started, let’s go over a few macramé terms that you’ll need to know for this tutorial.

  • Working Cord: The cord or pair of cords you are using to make the knots. Usually, these are the outer cords.
  • Filler Cord: The cord or group of cords that you tie the knots around. Also called inner cords or center cords.
  • Sennit: A set or series of knots that are worked one after another in a column.

Materials and Supplies Needed

This is super awesome because it doesn’t require a ton of supplies. While this is a great craft to do at home, it also works fabulously on the road – whether at the pool or on vacation. It might be a little hard on the airplane though because of the lengths of the starting cords. Here is what you will need for this project.

Supplies for Easy Macrame Barrette

Directions to Make Easy Macramé Barrette

Step One

Cut your cord. You will need 8 pieces measuring 28 inches in length. Tie them together in a standard knot, leaving about 2 inches. Pull tight. This is your first KNOT so yay!!! Tape down to a hard surface to get started.

Step Two

The second knot used in this masterpiece is the basic square knot. The square knot uses four strands at a time so with the sixteen strands, there is perfect spacing to get four across.

Create your first sennit in your macramé barrette. Using the four cords on the left, make 3 square knots. Then do the same with the 4 cords on the right.

To make a Square Knot, it takes four cords. The ones on the left and right will be your working cords and the two in the center will be your filler cords.

  1. Bend the left cord in front of the two middle filler cords and under the right cord.
  2. Then, bring the right cord behind the filler cords and up through the loop you made in with the left cord and tighten. This is called a half knot.
  3. To complete the square knot, you’ll make another half knot, but this time it’ll be reversed.
  4. Take the right cord and bring it in front of the filler cords and under the left cord.
  5. Then, bring the left cord behind the center cords and through the loop in the left cord and tighten.

Step Three

This could be done with any shape or style of bead. You want the bead to be small enough though that is doesn’t overtake the overall piece and take away from your beautiful cord work and knots. Slide a bead through the MIDDLE 4 cords.

Step Four

Use the 4 cords on the left (2 from outside and 2 that went through the bead) and create between 4 and 6 square knots (depending on the length you need for your barrette base). Create an equal number with the right 4 cords.

Step Five

Add another bead by threading the 4 middle cords through it.

Step Six

Repeat step four but make three square knots on the left and the right to even up with step one.

Step Seven 

Tie a standard knot like you did in the beginning as close the the final square knots as you can get.

Step Seven

Use e6000 glue to adhere your macramé piece to the barrette. Isn’t it the most beautiful and easy macramé barrette ever?

Easy Macrame Barrette Tutorial

More Easy Macrame Projects

If you are enjoying this new art technique, you might like to make the wall hanging that I shared not too long ago. Check it out and grab all of the directions.

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Easy Macrame Barrette With Two Knots

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