DIY Kid Tent Indoor Outdoor Teepee

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 Create a fun little DIY Kid Tent for your kiddos using garden stakes.

This easy peasy indoor outdoor teepee tent was so crazy simple to make and works fabulously.  It creates a cheery retreat from the madness of the world (and the bright sun) in the backyard.  It creates a getaway from the craziness of family in the family room.  It only takes a few things to make it which makes the shopping list super simple (assuming you have a sewing machine ready to go…). 

Material Needed to Make TeePee Tent

To get started, you will need the following five supplies in addition to your sewing machine.

  • 4 Heavy Duty YARD Stakes
  • Oly*Fun in Assorted Colors (8 yards of the teepee base color and others for flowers)
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Yarn or Twine

Steps to Make DIY TeePee Tent

Following these steps will ensure that you create a sturdy DIY Kid Tent. Using Oly-Fun is perfect for indoors but note that if you plan to keep your teepee outdoors, the

Step One

The first step is to tie your stakes together.  Using yarn works great!  Cut a piece about 72 inches long and double it up then wrap it around the four stakes about 5 inches from the top.  Weave it in, out and around the stakes to get it secure. Twine would work too!

The more ties you wrap, the more secure your play structure will be.

Step Two

Next, spread the stakes out to create a structure.  The fantastic thing about these stakes is that they go into the ground to hold everything in place!  This is awesome for windy Colorado.  Measure the size of one triangular side of your structure.

Step Three

Next, lay our four pieces of Oly*Fun at least the measured size of one side of your structure.  Cut four pieces that are a tad larger than the measurement.  I used an old metal curtain rod to get my lines straight because it is all I could find that was long enough.  I folded the four pieces and measured the width on the bottom by the height to make a triangle.

Step Four

Sew the pieces together down the lengthy side, leaving one open to create the door.  Cut the top off about 9 inches down to create an opening to get your stakes through.  When you put the teepee onto the stakes, use additional yarn or twine to tie it up at the top if you want it more secure. 

Step Five

To create the opening for the door, roll the loose piece of Oly-Fun fabric to the stake on the left. Cut a slit into the piece beside it and tie something like extra fabric or even yarn through and around the stakes to hold it in place.

Making Fabric Flowers 

Add flowers in lots of fun Oly*Fun colors. These could also be made with fabric or felt.

To make the flowers, cut three sizes a color in a flower petal form.  Use the pattern if it helps.  You can enlarge it to get bigger flowers.

Bunch up the smallest of the three pieces and hot glue it to the next bigger one.  Do the same with it to the largest of the three.  Repeat over and over until you have your desired number of flowers.

Hot glue your many flowers to the teepee.  This works best to do on the teepee when it is secured to the structure.

I love all of the colors together so much. The flowers make a great addition to add down the side of the opening. They are also festive on this DIY kid teepee when glued to all the sides.

Use your DIY Kid Tent

Put it out in the yard, grab a snack and a favorite pillow.  This unicorn pillow was made with Fairfield World’s SUPER awesome 36 inch round pillow form.

How To Involve Kids in DIY Projects

Do It Yourself projects are a great way to get the kids involved in making decorations. Making a DIY Kid Tent and having them help is a great idea. This gives them the opportunity to participate in what their environment looks and feels like – whether at home, school or camp. When kids have been included in the ideas and the creating, they have a sense of inclusion and importance, It is a way to have them learn that their vote counts.

If you are not aligned with your kid’s ideas for decorations because it’s not your look or style, don’t dismiss them. A good way to empower them to continue to express themselves is to allow them to have a large say in how they decorate their own space (bedroom or homework station). If you want to raise your kids to successfully be able to have a style of their own, it starts by giving them a say when they are little.

More Fun Summertime Ideas for Kids

Here are TONS of great ideas for summertime!


So, run to your local craft store today and grab the things you need so you can whip up a teepee for your kiddos.

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Cheers to Making a DIY Kid Tent TeePee!


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