Easy Spider Cookies

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Easy Spider Cookies

These easy spider cookies are a great treat for a Halloween celebration or any spooky gathering.  Gosh, they are even fun to make and pop in the lunchbox as EEEEK, a creepy surprise.  I love little recipes like this that are easy peasy and totally doable for busy moms and teachers.  These are so easy, kids could even make them all by themselves which makes them a great classroom party activity.

Sprinkling Holiday Kindness Printable Spider Tags for EASY Spider Cookies

This is an idea that I share in my book, Sprinkling Holiday Kindness published by Papersalt!

Sprinkling Holiday Kindness Book and Spider Cookies

Ingredients for Making Easy Spider Cookies

Directions to Make Easy Spider Cookies

  • Open cookie.
  • Place 8 pieces of licorice in the cream as legs. (Cut them any size you like)
  • Add a little frosting in the center.
  • Close cookie.
  • Add candy eyes using frosting for glue.

Supplies to Make Tags

FREE Spider Tag Printable

Grab the FREE KINDNESS Spider Tags and download then print.

FREE Happy Tags Spider Printable Kindness


There are TONS more spider ideas on this blog! Here are a few of my faves. This spiderweb candy post has a free printable pattern for you to use when you make them.  They are so fun to decorate holiday and creepy treats.

Spiderweb Candy Drink

I seriously LOVE painting projects that have step by step directions when working with beginning painters or kids.  This post has everything you need to make this painting.

YAY for eight legged spider friends and Sprinkling Holiday Kindness!

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