DIY Emoji Stress Balls for Kids to Make

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Creating a way to combat stress for kids is a winning idea for sure.

Life can be overwhelming sometimes. Crafting makes it a more joyful and happy for me. Whether painting, drawing, sewing or creating with recycled materials – making things calms my spirit. I especially love when I make something that is totally 100% useful like this fun craft project. These balls are super fun to make with kids and adults because everyone can use a little handmade sensory magic. These DIY Emoji Stress Balls are a quick and fun craft to make with the kids. With just a few simple supplies you can make one too!

DIY Stress Balls with Rice and Balloons Decorated Like Emojis

Zoe is in MIDDLE school.   For real!  The baby of four is growing up so fast.  She has been for the first two days but next week will be her first full FIVE day week complete with starting track and Girl Scouts.  We talked about stress management today and she asked if we could make stress balls.  The fun activity turned into this with just a few balloons, Poly Pellets and Sharpie markers.

How to make DIY Emoji Stress Balls:

Making them together was super fun.  We gathered supplies.  Our yellow balloons are from Amazon and so are the Poly Pellets.

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Supplies needed to create this craft:

  • yellow balloons
  • poly pellets
  • sharpie markers


A trick we learned is to blow the balloon up first to expand it and then fill it with the pellets.  Put enough Poly Pellets (we used rice for some too but they weren’t as weighted) in to form a ball.

Balloon Rice Stress Ball

After the pellets are added, tie the balloon closed.   The last step was to decorate the balloon stress balls into emojis.  YAY for these fun faces.

Emoji Stress Balls

Zoe made sure it will fit in her pencil box!


She decided to give some as gifts too which means getting out her custom stamp from Expressionery.

Expressionery Tag

Darling! I love the diy emoji stress balls.

Emoji Stress Balls with Expressionery Tag

She decided on a set of three as the gift so her friends can practice juggling too!

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Cheers and Happy Being Stress Free,


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