Excavating Dragon Eggs

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What could possibly be more fun that discovering dragons?

My son Dawson was a major believer in dragons as a child.  He has swords and would spend HOURS in the back yard slaying imaginary dragons.  I would watch from the deck in complete awe.  I was always so curious to know what he was seeing in his mind.  The magic of play for a child is a necessary part of developing a healthy grown up life.  It teaches kids to problem solve and communicate.  MindWare makes so many amazing toys and games for healthy play.  Their Excavating Dragon Eggs is a favorite.  They provide an opportunity to get kids OUTSIDE into nature to discover and explore.  That is, of course, if that is where the golden eggs are found.  I am excited to share these dragon eggs along with a fun MindWare game (Cauldron) and some free dragon printables.  This post is sponsored by MindWare but the ideas and opinions are my own

Excavating Dragon Eggs as a Harry Potter Party Activity

The Dig it Up!  DISCOVERIES dragon eggs are GOLD which makes them mythical from the start.  Hide them in a wooded place and take your kids on a hunt.  I found a great nest spot right by the lake beside my home.

Provide each excavator with a jar of water.  The eggs should soak a bit before the excavating dragon eggs begins.

Allow time for the excavating process.  It is so much fun to listen to little excavators in action.  “I see a tail!”  “I think that is a head!”

Use the Excavation Guide that comes with the dragon eggs to determine which one is found.

Which one did we find on our first try?

The game Cauldron Quest is a great one to take on your adventure.  It is an easy play and great for kids ages 6 and up.  The pieces are heavy enough that they won’t blow if it is a bit windy outdoors so it works great on a picnic table.

This word search puzzle of the dozen kinds of dragons in the eggs is FREE to download.

There is great temporary tattoo paper that can be printed on to create custom tattoos.  These dragons would work great for this activity and you can download them FREE too.

If you would like to buy a box of Dig it Up! DISCOVERIES Excavating Dragon Eggs (12 included plus the guide), you can get them on MindWare’s website.  They each come in an individual bag with a excavation tool so they are PERFECT for parties, especially Harry Potter birthday parties.

Do you want to WIN a set of 12 Dig It Up! DISCOVERIES! Dragons???  Enter here!  You could also choose Fairy Eggs or Dinosaur Skeletons if you are a winner should dragons not be your cup of tea!

A while back, I shared Fairy Eggs with a fun riddle hunt.  You can find out more about that in the blog post with the details.

Cheers to Magic!


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20 thoughts on “Excavating Dragon Eggs”

  1. These dragon eggs are so cool! and thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would definitely be doing this project with my son, and he’s super into dinosaurs and dragons, so if we had a choice we would ‘dig’ those hahaha

  2. I would love to win the fairy eggs I just made a fairy garden for my granddaughter she swears she seen a fairy lol! This would just add to the adventure

  3. I think my son would LOVE this! I am a middle school science teacher and love the skills these will instill in kids!

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