Felt Sanderson Sisters Hocus Pocus Crafts

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This free pattern collection works perfect with felt, fabric and paper!

Hocus Pocus Crafts with Free Printable Pattern for Sanderson Sisters

Create the favorite three witches using whatever craft medium you love the most. This pattern is perfect for cutting out fabric, felt and paper. It could also be used as a template for painting, coloring and drawing! This felt project is made with my favorite felt from Kunin. It cuts so easily and never frays so is perfect for basic pattern crafts like this and more hocus pocus crafts.

Materials and Supplies Needed

Depending on how the patterns are being used, the supply list might look different. For this felt project, this is the list.

Direction for Using Sanderson Sisters Pattern

There are lots of ways to use patterns with felt. Some like to cut the patterns and then trace them. While I love this technique for kids, for adults the one I am sharing here is a much better use of time. Scroll down to get the free pattern!

Step One

Gather supplies and match body, hair and clothes patterns up to felt colors then pin together. If making multiples, layer the same colored felt under the pattern. I find that more than three at a time tends to be too many.

Step Two

Cut the felt shapes out with sharp scissors. The sharper the scissors are – the cleaner the cuts will be.

Step Three

Match up the pieces and make any necessary trims.

Then glue the pieces together with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse adhesive.

Step Four

Follow the same steps to cut out the cauldron and the bubbles. Let the glue dry for about 30 minutes to an hour before proceding.

Step Five

Attach the pieces to a surface of your choice. If you want to add a cauldron cut it out too. This surface could be a pillow, wall art or cardboard to make stand-up decor. For this, I attached to a wooden backing.

Add any embellishments and let dry before hanging. Tie ribbons to the hanger or bling up the clothing on the Sanderson Sisters patterns.

ANOTHER OPTION for Hocus Pocus Crafts with Felt

Add skewers to the back of the Sanderson sisters to create “picks”

Add them to a 3D project like this fun one that I shared with a painted wooden cauldron and a fun stenciled message.

FREE Printable

Grab the free printable and download it. It works great with felt, fabric paper and anything you can cut.

Hocus Pocus Pattern Sanderson Sisters

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Hocus Pocus Crafts Free Printable Pattern for Sanderson Sisters to use with felt, fabric and paper.

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