Garlands You Can Make With The Kids

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Garlands You Can Make With The Kids

Everyone loves Garlands You Can Make With The Kids because they are simple, darling and decorative. Crafting with kids is pretty much my all time favorite thing to do. This garland is made with Smooth Stix from ooly — a super cool and fun crayon like paint stick. I am excited to share the flower garland first and then how I used the same method to create a garland for Easter that I had the opportunity to share on FOX News Denver. Appearing on the news live from my house during the pandemic is so funny to me.  I can’t wait to be back in the studio.

Garlands To Make With the Kids with Paper

Materials Needed for Garlands You Can Make With The Kids

Preparation Steps for Painting with Kids

One of the biggest factors in creating successful paint crafts with kids lies in the prep. Here are four things you can do to prepare for a great time crafting.

  1. Expect a little mess. Prep your area knowing that paint can spill, drip and splatter. Cover your work are with kraft paper before starting.
  2. Provide aprons for the kids. If you don’t want to but them, they can wear old adult sized shirts as aprons.
  3. Have paper towels nearby and ready if needed.
  4. Know the dry time of the project before starting.  If there are several steps, there might be a dry time involved. Have a puzzle or activity on hand to do during that in between time. You can grab free ones here on the blog.

Steps to Make Paper Watercolor Garland with Kids

Start by drawing flowers (2-3 colors max) using Smooth Stix on paper. Keep in mind that the size of the flowers will determine the size of the completed garland.

Paint over the colored flowers with water. It will blend the colors into the paper.

If colors overlap, they will blend.

Once the flowers are completely dry, add black outlines (if desired).

Cut the flowers out leaving a large border area. If kids are doing the cutting, it is a good idea to draw a line for them to cut on.

Punch holes in the flowers and string them together with twine or ribbon.  Add ribbon ties for a fancier more festive look.

Why Painting with Kids is a Good Idea

Painting with kids is so much more than a craft project or simple activity. It is a way for kids (of all ages really) do many very important things.  Here are some fabulous reasons to get kids painting.

  1. It helps them convey ideas and share.
  2. Painting gives kids an opportunity to express emotions — even ones that might be hiding deep inside.
  3. It uses several senses to paint and through that kids make connections.
  4. Exploring color, the process and the outcomes teaches cause and effect.
  5. When kids made handmade masterpieces, it boosts confidence.


I had the fabulous opportunity to share this project (using eggs instead of flowers) on FOX News Denver. 

You can check out the segment and not only see how I shared this but also how to make bunny ears and decorate eggs with ooly products.

If you like this project, please save it to do with your kids and share it on Pinterest.

Cheers to Celebrating and Decorating!



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