Girl Scout Cookie Valentines

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Girl Scout Cookie Valentines

Buying Girl Scout cookies is always a good idea.  The cookie sales program is developed to empower girls in so many amazing ways. Plus, the cookies are all totally amazing. Turn your Girl Scout Cookies into Girl Scout Cookie Valentines by adding a few sweet decorations and free printable tags!


Cookie Valentine Ideas

I made these and thought that I should probably share.  Because gosh, who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies.  Girl Scout Cookie Valentines are a the perfect way to support a girl’s dreams and celebrate a holiday that spreads love.  I am a huge fan of the Tagalongs but since I am now gluten free, the best I can do is decorate them and share them with friends.  I am sending three dozen cookies to the school for teachers during conference night tomorrow and think these are the best!

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this valentine to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Different Cookie Ideas

Decorated Trefoils Girl Scout Cookies

Dip these cookies in melted candy coating and then sprinkles.  I love this because you could use sprinkles in any colors to celebrate all kinds of holidays and occasions.

Decorated Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies

For these Girl Scout Cookies, add royal icing hearts. 

These are my favorite.  I could eat a whole box in five minutes if I weren’t gluten free.  This might be one of my most missed treats from my days with gluten.  I miss it but gosh, I sure do feel better.

Decorated Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies

Drizzle melted candy coating or royal icing over the tops of these Girl Scout Cookie Valentines. 

A friend of mine crushes them and makes cookie balls using them as a base.  I need to find that recipe and share it sometime too.  I would, of course, ask her first.  She is not a blogger and would probably be happy to share.

Decorated Gluten Free Toffee-Tastics Girl Scout Cookies

Put two together with a layer of frosting and roll in sprinkles to create these Girl Scout Cookie Valentines.

Put them all together on a tray and BOOM, you have quite a treat.  

Decorated Girl Scout Cookie Valentines #girlscoutcookies #freeprintable #valentinesday #valentinecookies

If you are giving thin mints as a stand alone Girl Scout Cookie Valentines treat, you might like this little printable to go with each sleeve!  You can download it for free

Here are MORE free Girl Scout Valentine Printables too!

These would be fun to give out to ALL of my friends on Valentine’s Day and any other day too!

Free Printable Girl Scout Thin Mints #girlscouts #cookies #thinmints #free #printable

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Cheers to making a difference and spreading love,


PS:  Here is a favorite recipe that use Girl Scout cookies too!

Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookies Cheesecake

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261 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookie Valentines”

  1. My favorite is the Thin Mints, I put them in the freezer and eat them cold. However there are not any of the Girl Scout cookies I will turn down!

  2. I remember selling GS cookies when they were a single sleeve and cost 50 cents a box. Gosh, I feel old now I’d love to feel like a kid again, surrounded by boxes of GS cookies! D Excellent idea to send them to the troops as well. I’ll check the budget and see what my options are. How long is the sale going on?

  3. Nobody can pick just one lol but I love Thin Mints and both peanut butter flavors, if they still even have those. Thanks!

  4. Oh the peanut butter ones are the best.I make a yum cheesecake with them.Husband hoards the thin mints.These cookies above are so cute.

  5. I have many favorites- TreFoil, Thin Mints and Samoas. Thanks for the chance to win. Good Luck everyone!

  6. I have never had real Girl Scout cookies, but I REALLY want to try Savannah Smiles. I love lemon 😀 I have tried non-Girl Scout Thin Mints and Samoas and I really like the Samoas.

  7. My favorites are Thin Mints and my daughter loves Tag Alongs. I was a Girl Scout from Brownies to Juniors and my girls were Girl Scouts. I was their leader and we sold lots of cookies.Keep up the good work!

  8. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Mint Flaky Sticks from years ago when I was a Girl Scout. I miss them and wish they’d bring them back.

  9. My favorite cookies are tagalongs. Did you know that Girl Scout cookies freeze really case you ever decide to clean out your local girl s out of your favorite cookie. Or so I’ve heard lol.

  10. my favorite girl scout cookies are trefoils, i like that you put chocolate on them with sprinkles. i need to try that

  11. Girl Scouts & GS cookies are a tradition that is important & valuable I loved being a brownie & a girl scout & I’m 60 years old now ! Thin Mints are my favorite though I’ve never met a GS cookie I didn’t love LOL !

  12. I love the Girl Scout Trefoil cookies especially with a cup of tea! I am a former GirlSscout and leader and am excited that my granddaughters will soon be old enough to become Girl Scouts!

  13. My fav girl scout cookies are the tagalongs. Those are so good. my husband loves them and will spend alot on them.

  14. Tagalongs are my ABSOLUTE, hands down favorites!! Thank you for the sweet “mint” printables – I have some good friends who could use a little extra cheer today . . . and my boss is selling cookies from his office ! Easy peasy!

  15. When my daughter was born 10 weeks early, someone had brought a ton of boxes of Thin Mints while I was in the hospital! Every morning before heading to the NICU, I would grab a sleeve of them out of the freezer and take them with me! I cannot to this day, 9 years later, eat a frozen (always) Thin Mint and not relive those days!!

  16. Hi the year my daughter was going for her silver the troop went crazy selling cookies. They took the money they made to buy cookies for the boy over seas. Then they went to the vets to ask if they could help offset the. cost of shipping. Next day I got a call from abase upstate ny. If we could get the cookies there by the next day. They would get them to where they needed to go. 150 cases went. The only problem was the choc melted but the man said we ate them with a spoon so remember don’t send the choc ones. This is very nice of you to do . If I win please send me one shortbread an send the rest to our boys. Good luck

  17. If Samoas didn’t have corn syrup in them they would be my favorite. But since they do Tagalongs and Thin Mints are my equal favorites.

  18. You are super creative with those GS cookies! I would never think to do so many things with them…apart from eat them! I love the famous Thin Mints the most!

  19. No favorites- it varies depending on what I’m in the mood for because I have a huge sweet tooth! I’d love some peanut butter patties right now.. and thin mints!!

  20. I’m a Thin Mints girl! I love the freeze them and put them in ice cream, or have them in the summer when it’s hot out 🙂

  21. Thin Mints have always been my favorite Girl Scout cookie. I love to put them in the freezer and hope that they last for awhile.

  22. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are the Thin Mints. The are not quite as good as they were before they changed the recipe, but I still enjoy them. Thank you for the chance to win.

  23. My favorite Girl Scouts cookies are Samoas. I’m drooling just thinking about them. They are sooo good…

  24. Samoas are my favorite.. I can’t remember if I am spelling that correctly… I wanted to say mimosas but I knew that wasn’t right!

  25. My favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Thin Mints. It would be the Lemon Sandwich cookie (don’t remember the name) that tasted like a lemon pie. Please bring them back.

  26. I have always liked Thin Mints the best. However, looking at the pictures of other cookies, I think
    I will have to try some other kinds.

  27. My favorites are thin mints and tagalongs are a close second thank you for the great ideas and the opportunity

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