Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween is super special because it is also Juliette Low’s Birthday!

Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas Decorating Cookies and Free Printable For Empowerment and Creativity #girlscouts #halloween #party #meeting #leader #ideas #crafts

Use the free printable to celebrate not only what makes every girl (or kiddo) special but also as a way to access creativity. The trefoil can be turned into an adorable pumpkin or cut out and used as a pattern. It is always a great idea to save some cookies from earlier in the year to decorate for the holidays.

Cookies for Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas

You will need the following few ingredients for this.

This is so easy to do. Simply use candy melts to add things like sprinkles and icing eyes. These items are so readily available in the grocery store but can also be found online. Place the cookies on parchment paper. This will make them easy to remove once the candy hardens.

Melt the candy. This little melting pot is PERFECT for the girls to use. It is fabulous for this project but also for making candy in shapes and themes and ALL the things.

Add a little dab of melted candy then place the candy eyes!

Adding sprinkles is so much fun. Don’t you love these Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas?

They are so adorable all put together on a cutting board.

Free Girl Scout Halloween Printable

Download the printable for free and use it with the girls at a meeting. Another fun idea is to print it and mail it to the girls to do ahead of time then bring to a meeting to share with their Girl Scout sisters.

Download the free printable to use with your girls!

It can be colored into an adorable pumpkin. I LOVE Kwik Stix for all things creativity. They draw like a marker but are actually paint that dries SUPER FAST!

The top parts of the page can be be cut off and put all together onto one piece of poster board to create connection and team. They could also be added to a troop scrapbook. Oh – so many fabulous ideas. AND – if you ask your girls, they will have loads of ideas of their own. It is ALWAYS best to let the girls lead with their thoughts as much as possible. I LOVE all things that get girls to remind themselves of all the things that make themselves amazing.

More Girl Scout Ideas

This blog is a place for leaders to find tons of creative ideas that get girls to be their best selves through creativity and empowerment. Grab more ideas here in this packed with fun post.

50 Best Girl Scout Crafts and Girl Scout Craft Ideas Ideas #girlscouts #crafts #DIY, kidcrafts #girlpower #laurakellydesigns

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Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas Decorating Cookies and Free Printable For Empowerment and Creativity #girlscouts #halloween #party #meeting #leader #ideas #crafts

I would really love to hear what you think about these fun Girl Scout Halloween Party Ideas! If you try it out, I would sure like to see it! Share on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest! #LauraKellyDesigns

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