Gluten and Fire Free Smores with Udi’s

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Gluten and Fire Free Smores with Udi’s

Udi’s sent me some amazing cookies to try out.  I created these delightful treats.  These Gluten and fire free smores with Udi’s are of my own creation and the opinions and ideas of my mind and heart.

Let me start by saying that Udi’s Snickerdoodle cookies are the best ever!  I love them like crazy and have bought many packages since receiving the ones from Udi’s.  Finding a cookie that is gluten free and completely delicious is tough.  This cookie WINS!

Gluten and Fire Free Smores

I used three ingredients to make these.

Udis Cookie Smores

It’s so easy peasy.  Smear Marshmallow Fluff on one cookie.  Smear chocolate spread on the other.  I got my marshmallow fluff and chocolate spread at……World Market!!!!


Mash them together and ta da!

Gluten Free Fire Free Smores

Do it.  Make some.  Eat them.  I promise you will love them.

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There are so many awesome ways to make sweet recipes with the ingredients that make up the famous and beloved S.Mores. Try them out and let me know what you think. If you want to give the ingredients for traditional s’mores as a gift, be sure to grab the adorable free printable here on the blog.

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Cheers to Udi’s Amazing Cookies,


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