How to Bake Rainbow Cake Stacks

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How To Bake Rainbow Cake Stacks

The first day of school is always so crazy exciting for students, teachers and parents.  Well at least it is in our house!  We take photos in the morning on the first day of each new year.  We also pack special treats in lunchboxes and have even more special ones waiting for when the kids get home.  This year I am making the girls gluten free and allergy friendly Back to School Rainbow Cake Stacks!  Jordan’s two best friends both have lots of different allergies including tree nuts and peanuts.  I have Hashimoto disease so eat a gluten free diet. The great thing about these rainbow cakes is that they are perfectly OKAY for all of us to eat thanks to Hungry Harry’s and their amazing yellow cake mix.

About Hungry Harry’s Cake Mixes

Hungry Harry’s offers several options of ingredients to add to their Yellow Cake Mix so that there are choices for dairy free and vegan too.  We did use egg whites in our batter.  It is white in color so perfect for adding color.

Directions to Make Rainbow Cake Stacks

Once the batter was mixed up, we separated it into six different bowls and added food coloring (red, orange, yellow, green, blue).  Then we put a tablespoon of batter into each hole in a 24 count mini muffin pan.

Depending on your altitude and oven, the bake time could vary.  We baked these for 14 minutes to get them right.  Check with a toothpick.  That is what we do.

Let them cool completely before removing from pan.  Add frosting between each layer to stack them and a little on top to decorate. This will create the Rainbow Cake Stacks.

Cut out the tags from the FREE printable that correspond with the grades you need.  There is a blank one too for the higher grades and other roles.

Attach the tags to toothpicks and insert them at the top of the rainbow cake stack.

This Hungry Harry’s Yellow Cake Mix is awesome to use when making griddle cookies too.  You can grab that recipe and this darling free printable HERE on the blog too!  The girls LOVE these and super love making them on the griddle.

YAY YAY YAY!  That is three cheers for amazing gluten free allergy friendly homemade sweet treats like the rainbow cake stacks.  We are so excited about Hungry Harry’s and all of their new fabulous mixes.  You can check them all out on their website! Ensuring that kiddos who have dietary restrictions and allergies are totally included in the fun treats matters. It is super important to make sure that you know if you have a kid coming to your party or in your kid’s class with special diet needs BEFORE you accidentally leave them out.

Rainbow Cake Stacks Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Desserts

If you are looking to do a layered rainbow cake, here are some great tips and tricks.

Happy Back to School and Rainbow Cake Stacks All Around,


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